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How to Keep Your Mac Secure in 2021

It is a known fact that Apple machines are privileged from a security standpoint.If you are a macOS user, you probably believe that your crucial data and files are safe from unauthorized access on the Internet, as macOS provides its users with an immune ecosystem for their data. However, this is no longer true. In recent years there has been a considerable increase in cybercrime and the hacking of important information worldwide; this undoubtedly puts Mac users and their data at risk.

It is more important to take a few extra measures to secure your data from any unauthorized access. In this article, you’ll learn how to efficiently protect your data from viruses to malware and any other suspicious activity on the Internet. Let’s dig in.

Install Anti-virus and Anti-malware App

Mac users tend to ignore installing an antivirus or antimalware application on their device. It is due to a misbelief that installing antivirus will negatively impact the processing capabilities of your Mac. On the contrary, with the use of these applications, your system’s performance will increase, and in return, you get better results from your efforts. 

Due to this misconception, many are putting their private and professional information at risk. Thus, if you want to secure your data from any unauthorized activity, look for anti-malware solutions to give your data the necessary protection. With these applications, you can safely browse the Internet and share valuable files with your clients and your employees without a single concern on your mind. 

Keep Your macOS Up-To-Date

With Apple’s constant updates, you get the privilege of refreshed privacy and security settings that can give you data an extra cushion of security. Apple is well known for its frequent security updates that give its user confidence while using the Internet. 

Make sure you are using the latest macOS version on your computer to get the advantages of improved security settings. It will also provide you with faster processing of your applications. Since an OS update is meant to take care of the overall performance of your computing device while giving you extra protection from malware and viruses 

Never Leave Your Device Unlocked

When travelling with your computer, be sure to lock your device when you have to leave it unattended. It will help prevent prying eyes from picking up your information when you are away from your device. A useful trick for you to know is, how to set up screensaver hot corners, so whenever you go away from your Mac, it will automatically lock itself. 

To activate “Hot Corners”, follow these steps – go to your system preferences > Desktop and screensaver, and choose “Hot Corners…”. You can select one, two, or several corners. Now your computer will lock itself by starting a screensaver, whenever you hover your mouse over to a corner of your screen. To get back to your work, first, you’ll have to enter the password to unlock your system. 


To keep the information safe on your Mac, you have to check for updates regularly. Also, please do not shy away from installing antimalware software on your computer, as it can give you many advantages. 


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