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Marketing to Millennials 

How to Tailor Your Marketing Strategy for Millennials 

Population demographics show that millennials are the biggest living generation. No wonder every brand is looking for ways that they can charm this generation. That said, according to one study published on Forbes, millennials are the hardest group to market to! Well, it is a generation that grew up with mobile technology, the presence of the internet, and social media. They are one demographic that is always looking for a brand that speaks to their values. As a marketer, you must strive to get their attention and keep it. This guide will help. We will delve into some of the ways to tailor your marketing strategy for millennials. 

Be where they are

Did you know that consumers in their 20s move between communication devices and platforms at least 27 times an hour when they are not working? What’s more, is that an average of 5 hours of this time is spent watching online videos. These stats are very important as they can help you strategize and create content for your brand. Find out which apps your audience utilizes the most. For instance, you can consider making short informative videos and post them on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. While at it, remember to optimize your content for their unique interests. 

Use pop culture in your strategy

Mastering the art of pop culture and integrating it into your marketing strategy is one of the creative ways to woo the younger generation. Again, remember that millennials were raised with technology at the forefront of their lives. This means you must align your marketing strategy with current trends. This demographic craves amusement. 

They want the latest fashion trends, see the latest blockbuster, and go to the biggest concert of the year. As a business, you need to find ways that you can tap into these amusements. Seamlessly weave into their experiences and strengthen emotional connections to things they enjoy. One of the best ways to achieve this is to add entertainment marketing into your marketing and communication strategy.  It is a marketing technique that reaches customers through entertainment as a vehicle; using product placements, brand integration, and celebrity endorsements. It works well with millennials who are fascinated by pop culture. 

Post Frequently

One of the things that you should be doing when marketing to millennials is posting frequent content. You should be updating users regularly to ensure that they are being kept in the loop and feel as though they are involved. Sometimes this means that you just need to fire off a quick status update on your business social media profiles which you can do from your phone. As this is important for your business, you need a phone that has fast connection in most places. To make sure this is the case, you need to look at UK 5g signal in various areas of the country.

Invest in authentic user-generated content

If you want to sell to millennials, you must let go of force-feeding marketing. Hard selling is now a thing of the past. Have a marketing strategy that enables millennials to make their own decisions. Modern consumers want to know where they are going, who is endorsing what, and if you can be trusted. So instead of writing your reviews, have someone come and experience your services and put down a review. 

Did you know 30% of millennials won’t go to a restaurant if their Instagram presence is weak? Also, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know and online opinions. Allow users to create and share posts featuring your brand. This exposes your products and services to their audience; you can then share that content with your audience to boost credibility. 

Listen to them

The one winning factor about millennials is that they are good listeners. If you engage them, they will tell you what they like and what they don’t. For instance, if you run a fashion store, ask them what colors or style appeal to them. As a brand, listening and involving your customer’s works to your advantage because it will help you create and sell something that people want to buy. In essence, when customers make the product, they will have no problem buying it! 

Understand the importance of reviews

As we noted, transparency is critical when marketing to millennials. Authenticity is worth its weight in gold; everything has to be real. Otherwise, it will be skipped over and over. Invest in social proof, keep in mind that this group of people listen to what people say, and make decisions based on other people’s experiences. Interestingly, a recent UK study found out that 8 out of 10 millennials never buy anything without first reading a review. What is more interesting is that nearly all millennials read online reviews before selecting a business. These stats should help you understand why you should invest in building up good reviews organically.

Wrapping up

Millennials have changed the way we do business. They have changed workplace expectations and are arguably the reason mobile matters in today’s business world. They adapt to changes so fast, know their boundaries, and are not afraid to assert them. You have to look for creative ways to speak to their need if your brand is to succeed in this segment


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