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6 Mistakes to Avoid After an Auto Accident involving Company Vehicle

Sometimes, auto accidents are inevitable, and protecting your rights can be complicated. It gets even more complex if the auto accident involves a company vehicle. For starters, vehicles owned by companies are governed by a different set of laws. This can complicate your quest to protect your rights. Most companies have the resources to protect their interests in a bid to avoid paying for damages. 

In such a situation, the case is more complicated and it will be difficult for you to solve the legal problems without a professional auto accident lawyer who will be ready to assist you. Applying for the help of a lawyer will be the right solution for you as they will deal with insurance companies for your compensation. The lawyer will file a lawsuit against a negligent party and you will have time to focus on your recovery.

That is why you ought to take critical steps and avoid making costly mistakes that will hurt your case. Here are some common mistakes to avoid if you are to secure compensation for damages and injuries sustained. 

Failing to seek medical attention immediately

You need to visit a doctor after an auto accident, even though you might feel just fine. Some injuries do not manifest symptoms immediately but can quickly worsen and even become fatal. What might look to you like a simple bruise can be a symptom of damage to vital organs, requiring extra medical attention. Sadly, not visiting a doctor immediately is common mistake personal injury victims make, leading to more problems afterward. Well, talking to a qualified doctor is the only way to ensure that any injuries will be detected and attended to immediately. Besides, the doctor will generate proper medical reports for you. The medical information will be used in seeking compensation from the responsible party. 

Tip: Personal injury cases are affected by the statute of limitations which stipulate the time within which you can sue the party involved in the accident. To avoid future recurring issues cropping up past the set time limit, ensure you are observed by a qualified doctor-even if you are feeling fine! 

Not contacting law enforcement immediately

Depending on your state, ensure that you call the police immediately, regardless of whether someone has been hurt or not. The police will officially document the accident and the events that led to it. This report will also be used later in court or in laying compensation claims. Besides, the police report will help establish a timeline that links the accident to any injuries that have a delayed onset such as whiplash. 

Speaking to an insurance agent before consulting your lawyer

It is always fundamental to remember that agents from the insurance company are not on your side. It is essential that you speak to a reputable car accident lawyer with a track record of handling auto accidents involving companies. Let the lawyer handle the insurance agents and other parties on your behalf. Having a top lawyer handling your case has several advantages. First, you will have time to focus on healing and recovering from any injuries. 

Remember, the company that owns the vehicle and employs the driver at the scene will likely be backed by top lawyers and insurance agents keen to reduce risks. You can only protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve if you work with an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of company vehicle law.  

Discussing your active case

After the accident, you might want to discuss it only with your legal team and the doctor. You may also loop in a trusted family member who will help you through the process. However, ensure that you do not talk about the details of your ongoing case to strangers or other people. Discussing the matter in public with friends or co-workers could weaken it. Yes, letting out key information could give the insurance company an upper arm in the case, and you might lose or get lower compensation. 

Tip: Avoid sharing information on social media. It might also be used against your case. 

Taking the first settlement offer

An insurance adjuster will likely offer you a settlement a few hours after the accident. This can happen even while you are still in the hospital. The offer is usually given to prompt you to accept the money before understanding the impact of the injuries. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that you are only allowed to settle once. So, after the compensation is offered and you accept it, you cannot go back to ask for more. Don’t make such a costly mistake. Again, speak to an auto accident lawyer first to help fight for what you deserve. 

Not initiating action immediately

You might be aware of the process of seeking compensation or even the steps to take. In case you take too long to lay a claim, your request might be thrown out. Remember the statute of limitations we mentioned earlier? The laws can hurt your compensation claim. Well, don’t delay to start the process of seeking justice after the auto accident. 

Wrapping up

If you or your loved one has been hit by a company vehicle, you should move fast to protect your rights. Follow the due process of reporting the incident to law enforcement, seek medical attention and speak to an auto accident attorney. Ensure that you do not make mistakes or fall for tricks that could make it hard for you to receive compensation for injuries and damages incurred. 


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