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Forgotten Offline Marketing Tactics With High ROIs

New marketing strategies are implemented daily. However, while digital marketing continues to be very popular, you’ll be surprised to learn that some traditional marketing tactics still work. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt your business to combine both digital marketing techniques with conventional ones.

Let’s look at 10 effective offline marketing techniques that have a high ROI today.

  • Direct Mail

Most successful businesses still use direct mail today to grab people’s attention. While email marketing is still king, sending your customers and potential customers physical mails is very effective. It provides you with the opportunity to personalize messages for each client to catch their eye and attention.

Because customers are very demanding, sending each of them a personal message will make them feel more appreciated and important to you. Direct mails will give you a stronger reaction from them, and it is wise to utilize this traditional tactic to market new products, offers, and promotions.

  • Print Advertisement

You’ve probably heard the saying “print is dead.” But when it comes to marketing, print is a very effective strategy with a high ROI. In fact, in a recent neuromarketing study, it was discovered that physical ads are more effective for brand recognition and recall. What’s more, they’re processed more quickly by people of different age groups.

Consumers often experience digital fatigue, and they may prefer print advertising more. According to a recent study, over 30% of millennials were using ad blockers. On the other hand, 62% of millennials were found to read print ads without discarding them.

While the ROI may vary depending on your campaign and targeting measures, there’s enough evidence you need to invest more in leaflet printing.

  • Broadcast Media

This is another effective conventional marketing tactic that can help you reach your target customers. Contrary to what most people think, a large number of people still listen to the radio. You can use this and speak to them through radio ads as they commute.

You may also consider television advertising. While some consumers will leave the room when commercials come on or fast forward through them, the same consumers will enjoy watching them during popular sports like Superbowl. Besides, most people will continue to watch adverts broadcasted in between news programs.

  • Event Marketing

Creating an event that is purely for marketing purposes is an old but very effective marketing strategy. Today, most businesses combine it with charitable contributions. By creating such an event, you will provide both a big opportunity for exposure to your business and an opportunity for you to show appreciation for the community and give back.

Event marketing is effective in earning people’s trust and generating more leads. Therefore, plan your event thoroughly and create one that will be both helpful and memorable to the community. You may end up attracting the press, which will increase your exposure.

  • Face-to-Face Meetings

In order to make sales and retain your customers, you may want to consider face-to-face meetings. In a survey pioneered by Management Events, it was revealed that approximately 79% of most top executives used face-to-face meetings, which they found to be effective in lead generation.

Face-to-face meetings are more effective. This is because they allow you to read the body language of your audience and adjust accordingly. However, when communicating over email or phone, you only have tone, words, and sometimes emojis to gauge your lead’s interests. Unfortunately, they can sometimes lead to misinterpretation of the person’s intent.

  • Billboards

Billboards are another old marketing tactic that still works today. Billboards have eye-catching slogans, pictures, questions, or even sentences. They display things that will grab people’s attention as they drive, cycle, or walk and bring new customers right to your doorstep.

Billboards don’t have to be placed in busy highways or streets; they can also be placed in big hallways. Billboards are large and can’t be missed, and they will give you a huge return on investment. All you need to do is to ensure that you use a compelling slogan or image to raise awareness for your brand to get people thinking and talking about your products or services.

  • Networking

When you think about networking, what comes to mind is connecting with your peers and people with more influence. While this is true, networking for lead generation is a bit different. In business networking, you need to move to your target audience. The main agenda is to connect with them and understand their pain points, needs and wants more deeply. This also allows you to increase brand awareness.

  • Phone Calls

One of the most effective traditional methods of reaching your target customers is through a phone call. Although people have shifted to digital communication in recent years, several studies have shown that most consumers prefer phone calls over websites and emails when discovering new businesses.

In a recent study that was conducted by BrightLocal, it was discovered that 60% of consumers preferred contacting businesses through the phone. What’s more, a Forrester study showed that business owners reported a revenue increase due to outbound calls.

Although other digital channels like chat, emails, and social media are important to your business, phone calls are among the best ways for businesses to nurture client relationships.

  • Handwritten Gift Cards

During special occasions for your clients, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any other major life event, you may want to send a handwritten gift card. A personalized message in a gift card and remembering their special days will make them feel special. Additionally, it adds a personal touch.

  • Referral

Also commonly known as word-of-mouth, referral marketing leverages your current customers to advocate for your services or products. This type of marketing costs very little, but some businesses provide a referral payment to consumers who refer customers to them.

Bottom Line

Digital marketing is gaining ground and it is working for some companies. However, because social media and SEO marketing have become too competitive, you may want to consider the above effective traditional marketing ideas that have been proven to work in the digital era.



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