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Digital Marketing

Your Quick Guide to Improving Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

For any small business, there are a number of businesses who are behind the curve when it comes to digital marketing. So where is the best place to begin? If you need to step up what your business does with their digital marketing, then there are a few simple steps that you can be doing to get yourself started and improve what you are currently doing, if anything. Here is a quick guide to digital marketing to help you to make a difference to your digital marketing strategy. 

Find out more about your customers

For anyone looking to start their business and step into digital marketing, then you can use digital marketing to find out more about your customers. When you know who your customers are, you can find out more about them, find out what they like, and that can help them to keep coming back to you. Through this you can help to create the profile of a target customer. When you have this, you can really hone your digital marketing strategy to that ideal or target customer, helping with conversions and ultimately, sales.

Paid advertising

There are a range of free or inexpensive things that you can do to improve your digital marketing. However, it is also a good idea to think about what paid options are out there to utilize too. One of the most common ways is Google Ads, which is paid advertising to appear at the top page when there are some relevant keywords searched for. You could also make the most of SEO and PPC, as they are both great ways to gain some visibility. Doing both of these successfully can help to improve your visibility quite quickly. You can get information about the website visitors from these as well, such as how many people click ads, where they’re coming from, who they are, and how long they stay on your site. You can also pay to boost posts on social media channels which can get your content see by more people and get your brand name out there.

Another option is to reach out to other websites, ones that are generally related to your field or even bloggers and online influencers, and see if they will host adverts for your business on their site. If that sounds a bit beyond your technical capabilities, fear not, as a professional ad builder and blogger outreach specialist can work on that for you.

Importance of good content

Content marketing is something that is a great tool for starting with when it comes to digital marketing. It is inexpensive and something that you can get started with right away, presuming that you have an online presence already. With an existing website and social media profiles you can start to create and share the content. This could be in the form of blog posts, linking back to other posts of yours, as well as service pages or product pages. You could create shareable content on social media, encouraging user generated content on social media channels, which helps massively. 

Video content is a big thing at the moment too, with Reels and IGTV being popular, as well as YouTube videos and tutorials. Video could work very well for some business industries, especially for ones that are very visual or need expert comment. Try a few ways of doing things and see what fits best with your audience and what they respond best to.


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