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How To Show Your Staff You Care

Job satisfaction is one of the biggest motivators whilst at work, so learning how to show your staff that you care about them and the hard work they do can be a brilliant encouragement. There are many different tips and tricks that you can utilise to start showing your team a little love and appreciation, and it needn’t be difficult to get started today! So, if you wouldn’t like to find out more about how you can be a brilliant boss, then read on to uncover some of the best steps that you can follow now. 

Design The Perfect Office Space 

Designing the perfect office space is one of the best ways to show your staff that you care, and an inspiring environment can encourage your employees to complete every task to the best of their ability. Forcing your team to exist inside a dark and dingy office that’s too cramped with little room for manoeuvre will ensure that each and every job you assign them will be completed to a very low standard, through no fault of the member of staff themselves. Designing the perfect office space takes a few key features, starting off with a new colour palette that will suit your needs. There are several colours that you can utilise to change the mood of your workplace dramatically, as tones such as blue and green are said to be calming and balancing, whilst intense tones such as red can be extremely distracting and overpowering. Utilising white walls may be acceptable if you wish to add more light to the space, but be sure to use accents that boast a little colour to keep things interesting and avoid a sterile aesthetic. The layout that you choose to adopt inside your office space can have a considerable impact, so it’s a good idea to figure out the best floor plan for your team’s needs. Don’t make the mistake of putting your staff right on top of each other with conjoined desks and little room to breathe, as this is sure to encourage arguments due to a general lack of privacy and personal space. The furniture that you choose to invest in to fill your office space can either make or break the design, as old uncomfortable seating can cause pain and distract your staff, whilst also showing them that you do not value their wellbeing whatsoever. Always opt for ergonomic furnishings that can be altered and adapted to meet each individual member of staff’s needs, as it’s unlikely that your entire team is the same height and therefore will require their own unique set up. Go for high back chairs that provide head and arm rests for ultimate comfort, as neck or back pain can be an immense distraction when attempting to focus on the task at hand. The final step to complete your new and improved office space involves letting in as much natural light as possible, as the overuse of strong LED’s can cause severe eye strain and headaches to boot. These must know office hacks will change the way that your team works, so there’s no team like the present to upgrade your workspace. 

Make Health & Safety A Priority 

No matter what kind of workplace you operate in, health and safety has to be one of your main priorities. Failing to take good care of your team will show them that you do not value them whatsoever, and this will encourage them to keep standards low and fail to meet your expectations as a form of protest. You must make an effort to create a calm, risk free environment in which your staff can really thrive, as heading to work with worry that you might get hurt or catch an illness is a terrible thought that can affect your day dramatically. If your staff operate inside a dangerous location such as a construction site or factory production line, personal protective equipment must be your first port of call. Things like hard hat helmets, steel toe boots, high visibility jackets and ear defenders are usually essentials no matter what product or service you provide, so never scrimp on the basics and always offer up plenty of PPE for your staff to make the most of. Even seemingly risk free locations such as offices need their own unique considerations, as there’s always going to be a certain level of danger that you must approach proactively. Taking great care of your team’s wellbeing can stretch further than physical protection, as making an effort to provide them with fresh fruit and access to clean drinking water is a brilliant way to show that they are valued. 

Set Goals & Offer Rewards 

Setting goals and offering up attractive rewards is a great way to show your staff that you care about the work that they complete. It can be a great motivator to have a certain aim to work towards, so setting different goals for each individual member of your team to achieve can have a huge impact upon productivity levels. However, you must be sure that the goals that you end up setting are achievable, as continually falling short can make your staff feel as though they aren’t cut out for their role and therefore encourage them to lose all motivation. Setting an achievable goal is the first step in your inspirational journey, as the prize that you end up giving as a reward for their hard work can either encourage them to keep on trucking or discourage them from ever showing such commitment again. Consider attractive options such as a weekend stay at a luxury hotel, a case of vintage wine, or even a store voucher that they can spend themselves – having such prizes will surely motivate your staff to give it their all, whilst also proving to them that you do appreciate the effort they put in to achieve each goal. 

Adopt An Open Door Policy 

One of the worst decisions that you can make is to shit your staff out and encourage a divide between those who hold different roles, as no matter what your responsibility level you must treat every person with dignity and respect. Treating others as you wish to be treated can have a huge impact on the way your team views you as a person, and being more kind and considerate will prove to them that you care. One of the best ways to implement such a feature is through the adoption of an open door policy, as allowing your staff to enter your office and share their thoughts at any time will break down the walls between high and low level employees. There’s nothing worse that feeling as though you have no one to turn to whenever you experience a difficult situation in the workplace, as this will simply encourage you team to feel alone in their struggles. Adopting an open door policy will also allow you to acknowledge and seek solutions for any issues that may occur before they become too much to handle, so it’s a win win situation all around. 

Allow & Encourage Internal Progression

Saying goodbye to a valuable member of staff can have a knock on impact throughout your business, potentially putting the rug from underneath your feet like nothing you could have ever expected. Avoiding such a catastrophic event doesn’t have to be tricky, as there’s a simple solution in the act of internal progression. Not only allowing but encouraging your staff to progress within your business is a sure fire way to craft the most amazing team, as years of adaptable knowledge of all manner of departments will allow your staff to gain valuable experience that no other external candidate can maintain. Always approach your own team with any internal job opportunities before you send it off to the outside world, aiming to provide sufficient on the job training to ensure the highest standards are met. Encouraging your team to work their way up inside your brand will show them that you value their commitment and wish to reward them with pay rises and increased responsibility, which any good quality member of staff will be able to recognise and appreciate. Having to employ a new member of staff from outside of your team will also mean that you have to train them up on all of your specific business goals as well as the past history of your achievements, which of course an internal team member will already know well. 

Showing your staff that you care has never been so simple when you can take the time to make the most of the brilliant tips and tricks that have been carefully detailed above. Never doubt the impact that just a small change can have on your team, as they’re sure to notice your increased commitment and return the favour in the form of hard work! There’s no time like the present to start updating and upgrading the way you treat your staff, so what are you waiting for?


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