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Why Health And Safety Is So Important In The Workplace

When creating a workplace for yourself and your employees to work, it is important for you to consider a number of things. There is equipment you will need to provide for the office, bills to pay, and amenities to offer such as food and drinks in the kitchen. 

One other important thing to consider when creating a workspace for your employees is health and safety. Health and safety are both incredibly important for your workplace and as the employer it is your responsibility to provide a safe space for them to work and thrive. 

Today we want to talk about some of the reasons why health and safety is so important for the workplace and why it is important for you to invest in it this year to keep yourself and your employees safe. 

Increase awareness of surroundings 

The main reason to consider health and safety training is to ensure that your employees understand their surroundings and are able to be aware of them. This is particularly important for high risk workplaces such as construction sites and warehouses where there might be heavy lifting and dangerous work going on all around your employees. They will need to understand what certain warnings and sounds mean and be ready to face these things safely and securely. For example if a warehouse your employee should know when they hear a forklift truck to move out of the way and to announce their presence to avoid getting run over by one. 

Safety handling heavy items 

One of the reasons to choose Kallibr for safety training is to teach employees how to lift heavy items safely and without injury. It might seem like common sense to lift heavy items carefully but it is important to know exactly how to do it to avoid a serious back injury. Items should never be picked up by bending your body at the hips because this can put a lot of strain on the back. You should instead crouch into a chair position and pick the item up from here, bending at the legs. This is a safer method and will avoid back injury. 

Reduce workplace stress 

Mental health is a huge issue in the workplace and many people suffer from stress and depression as a result of their work. By providing health and safety training to your employees you can avoid some of the stress in the workplace and allow people to work using best practices. This will make a big difference to your employees and will make the workplace a happier and more relaxed place to be. 

Use tools the right way 

It is important to teach your employees how to use tools and equipment in the right way every day. Things such as heavy machinery and even smaller hand tools need to be shown to employees to ensure they know exactly how to use it and how to do it safely. This will avoid any random injuries and will keep you out of trouble!



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