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Simple Contract Law:

A Brief Introduction to English Contract Law

All professionals should understand contract law as the consequences of drawing up, or entering into, a contract that is flawed can pose  significant financial and reputational risks if a dispute arises. English contract law is the preferred choice for businesses not only in Britain but internationally, even where the parties or transaction have no connection to the UK, because it is simple, convenient and straightforward. Most guides to contract law, however, are anything but.

Professor Watson-Gandy – a barrister with Three Stone Chambers in London, one of the UK’s leading chancery/commercial barristers’ chambers, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster – believes that there is a better way of explaining contract law to business people. Accordingly, his new guide Simple Contract Law: A Brief Introduction to English Contract Law provides a much-needed “antidote to the dry, laborious legal textbooks”  usually available, providing a reference that cuts through the complexity to demystify and give an accessible overview of English contract law. In fact, it is so straightforward that Professor Watson-Gandy says that anyone can learn about English contract law in just one afternoon.

Unlike other books on contract law, it is a short read that is designed to be engaging and accessible to all. It is simple to understand, providing explanations of common legal terms, and is packed with illustrative cartoons and fascinating real-life  stories behind the  legal cases that have shaped contract law, as well as featuring examples of contracts for further understanding.

Simple Contract Law: A Brief Introduction to English Contract Law by Professor Mark Watson-Gandy is available now on Amazon Bookstore in paperback and eBook formats, priced £9.95/£7.95. 


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