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How using a DAM software system can save your business money

In business, time is money and as a company owner, finding a way to cut costs without stripping back your services is a difficult balance to get right. Getting this wrong can lead to all kinds of problems, not just across your creative processes, but also with client satisfaction and even employee retention. 

This is where DAM software comes in. More organizations than ever before are turning to this effective and incredibly practical system as a way to streamline and manage files, handle digital assets, improve interdepartmental communications and change the way creative processes are handled. The ROI on digital asset management software almost sounds too good to be true, so with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how using a DAM software system can save your business money. 

Communicate your brand guidelines

Your brand guidelines are the blueprint for your business. They’re a set list of instructions that your sales, marketing, and creative teams can follow to ensure your company image is consistent across all platforms. As a growing business, you’ll understand that image consistency equates to a higher level of brand awareness, and integrating your brand guidelines within your DAM can help ensure this comes to fruition. By housing your brand guidelines with your digital asset management software, you’ll have everything you need to keep your teams working collaboratively, in one place. This kind of technology ensures that any project remains “on-brand”, whether there have been minor changes made to your guidelines, or you’re tired of those out-of-date PDF files that no one seems to have the latest version of. Ensuring everyone is working from the same set of guidelines means a better hold over your brand’s image and fewer expensive mistakes! 

Productivity increases

An efficient team is one that saves you money. No more employees dragging their feet because they’re waiting for the right files to come through, DAM software means better collabs and increased productivity are the standard. As everyone can access the files they need from one centralized platform, there’s no more sifting through thousands of files to find the right one, or searching for misplaced files that have long been deleted. DAM means your employees can find what they need within seconds. Distributing files and other tedious tasks are fully taken care of with DAM, allowing your teams to get down to what they do best. 

Fewer mistakes

When the image of your brand is skewed, and you have employees working from outdated guidelines or with limited access to digital files, you can expect an influx of expensive mistakes. Resolving issues like these takes time and money, both of which you can’t afford right now. With DAM software, everyone can take full advantage of a centralized platform, with the latest files and guidelines available 24 hours a day you’ll experience a reduction of errors that drain your company’s resources. 

Replacing files is a thing of the past

When your digital assets become misplaced, accidentally deleted, or edited beyond understanding, then the cost of replacing these files and having them re-produced is an expense you just don’t need. With DAM software, all these files are in one place, with optional access permissions set for certain employees to ensure they’re kept safe and organized. 





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