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4 Tips for Reopening Your Business During COVID-19

Strategic planning and goal setting are the hallmarks of any successful business. Finding silver linings and devising ways to exploit unique business opportunities allow for sustainable and organic organization growth and development. However, the global COVID-19 forced many businesses to close shop and re-strategize. Working on the best strategy for safely opening your firm during such an unprecedented period is tasking.

For all firms, small or big, the question of reopening the doors during these trying times calls for inhuman-like problem-solving and strategic thinking skills. The following tips will help your business safely reopen and move forward during COVID-19:

Prepare beforehand

For some businesses, the prospect of reopening in the middle of this pandemic can be scary. The number of cases recorded daily across the states or even countries rarely inspire hope of this infectious and stubborn virus going any time soon. However, reopening your doors for customers and employees is inevitable.

Therefore, mental preparation for the bumpy ride ahead is a critical success factor. Reconcile and accept the realities of the times. Inform your employees and customers in advance. If you have to learn new ideas of finding mind-body-soul balance, like yoga, exercising, or meditation, go for it.

Understand and implement provided guidelines

Social distancing, face masks, and hand washing are some of the bywords for coronavirus prevention. Governments and institutions’ guidelines on limited face-to-face interactions and social gatherings help in the spread of the virus. Therefore, plan to understand and implement these guidelines.

If you have, expand your office space to create more distance between the employees and even customers. Use posters to remind customers and employees of the importance of handwashing, face masks, personal protective equipment, and social distancing. Include hand sanitizers and hand wash stations in your facility.

But most importantly, take a leading role in following these guidelines. You might have to work on modalities of vaccinating your employees. Leading by example is an old cliché with a profound meaning during these extraordinary times for businesses.

Rework your business model

With travel restrictions and COVID-19 protocols, face-to-face contact business transactions are limited and discouraged. Therefore, redefine your business model by incorporating innovative technologies for teleworking. Working virtually from home will guarantee the safety of your employees and customers. Consider using Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms. Shop and order office furniture and stationery or take client queries and orders via phone.

Rethink company policies

With the coronavirus outbreak, you’ll need to rework your company policies. Redefine annual leave, sick leave, and part-time or full-time work policies. Sometimes you might have employees working part-time or shift basis without necessarily meeting the daily or weekly hourly rates. You’ll have to place new stricter workplace policies, especially those touching on crowding and social distancing.

The global coronavirus pandemic has obliterated the economic, health, and social gains over the last decade. Customers and businesses alike are struggling, with many firms yet to open their doors to business. The safe reopening of business requires strategic thinking of all business aspects, including employee vaccination and reworking company policies and business models. 



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