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5 Things to Consider When Building a New Warehouse

Designing a purpose-built warehouse for your company can provide you with so many opportunities. Moving to new premises to help you grow and expand can present you with so many possibilities. Knowing the best route to take and careful planning before you start can help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes or problems delaying your project.

Renovate or Build

While building a new warehouse from scratch can be an attractive proposition. Looking at an existing building with renovation potential can help you cut down on how long it takes to finish the work needed and reduce costs. Many buildings are ready to have new life breathed into them and adapted to meet demand. It may be all you need to do is replace commercial roofing on an existing building and reconfigure the interior to make it work for you!

If you are purchasing land intending to build on it, make sure you check any local objections to planning permission if there is no permission with the land and what restrictions there could be regarding operating hours and traffic volume to the area.

It Takes Time

Whatever option you choose – new build or renovations, you need to allow yourself time. And then a bit more on top of that. Allow for staffing problems, stock delays, unexpected problems that always arise and permits and planning restrictions. These projects rarely run smoothly and on time so allowing yourself time to learn, getting the design right, and procuring the best equipment and contractors will give you a complete project that better suits your needs.

Maximising Space

Think about everything you want the building to accomplish for you and what exactly will be happening under its roof each day. Then look at how you can maximise the space you have once the warehouse is completed. Utilise the space above your head by installing racking that goes up to preserve square footage and allow for a more streamlined, efficient layout. Then look at how inventory and staff will move through the warehouse and look at what you can install to help cut down on that time to boost productivity and help you get more for your money per square foot.

Latest Technology

If you are starting this project from scratch, then you might as well use the opportunity to invest in the best technology your industry has to offer. This will allow you to hit the ground running and get the most from your process during the working day. New technology can help you in all areas of your business from production to manufacturing and picking and packing orders to be delivered. 

Consider Hiring a Project Manager

Chances are you will have all your late before you start work on this project. Consider vetting and hiring a project manager who can liaise with contractors to make sure you have the best people for the job, and everything is running smoothly and on time. They can take care of any hiccups or snags uncovered and allow you to keep your time free to do what you do best.



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