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Starting A Delivery Business

More people are shopping online than ever before; in February 2021, according to Oberlo, it is a colossal 2.14billion (27.6% of the population). 

It makes sense that some of the best businesses to start right now are the ones that add to that supply chain or shifting an established business online.

How fast has online shopping grown? There has been a 4.4% increase year over year. 

Thinking specifically about the last leg of the journey of a product from a warehouse to a proud new owner – delivery. 

Delivery has been one of the sticking points for many people who shop online. Of course, like any business, there is plenty of competition. My last-mile delivery is essential. 

So how do you start a delivery business? 


A car is great for a short time, but a van will enable you to carry larger singular loads, as well as many smaller packages. Box trucks, cargo vans, and pick-up trucks are your best options. 

One of the key differences is that you are going to need to ensure you have the correct insurances for your van, find out more here.


While you may personally be able to carry heavy loads, there are a few tools that can speed up the process. Moving larger packages, like washing machines or other white goods, can be a heavy endeavor. 

A moving dolly or a dolly is one of the best items that you can buy for your business. There are several different types, so you’ll need to consider which model is better for you. 

Bungee cords are perfect for ensuring nothing moves around in the back of the cab. Protecting against accidental damage is an essential part of your business. 

A heavy-weighted blanket can also be a useful purchase. Moving blankets can help to secure all of the items you are transporting. 

Delivery business name

This might take a little bit of time, or you might want to go with something easy like ‘John’s Delivery Service.’ It is up to you. 

From a legal point of view, make sure that the name you choose isn’t trademarked and that you have the right to use it. 


There are few business options open to you when you do deliveries. You might choose to help people move house, to be rentable for people for almost any purpose. 

Or, you might prefer to pitch for delivery work in your local area. If you really enjoy driving, you can also do country-wide delivery. 

The choice is yours, but you’ll need to ensure that your marketing lets people know that. 

There are also websites online that you can use to find delivery work. 

  • Gary’s Job Board.
  • Truck Driver Jobs 411.

Remember to collect testimonials after each job so that you can build your reputation. Most customers will need your services again, so it pays to be more familiar with them and give them your best service. 



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