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Co-Working Spaces

Why Co-Working Spaces Are The Way Forward

The past year has been a challenging one for businesses all round and people have had to get used to working from home or adapting the way that they work. The office culture has changed and whereby people used to have to get up early, squash onto public transport and work in an office has completely altered. Now more people than ever and working from home and reaping the benefits of this. Businesses are saving money on the astronomical rents of purchasing office space and commuters are no longer having to pay for public transport to get into work. Yet this doesn’t mean that it is all good. No matter your business,  whether you are working as a marketer or selling Drager tubes, you are having to adapt to a completely different way of working and this often means working on your own. If you are used to being in an office with lots of other people this can feel very solitary for people. Here is why co-working spaces are the way forward.

They get you out the house

When you work from home it can end up being that you just stay at home all day and don’t leave the house – perhaps ever for days on end. Which is unhealthy. Co-working spaces get you out of the house and give you a reason to get up and dressed. They can make it feel like you are having a commute and can be a great way to ensure you do a proper work day as you don’t get distracted by all your things to do at home such as the washing and cleaning.

They are sociable

Co-working spaces are sociable and that is another reason they are favoured by many. It can feel very lonely working at home and not speaking to anyone all day. In a co-working space, although the people you are interacting with aren’t your colleagues, they are still people that you can speak to, have a chat with and perhaps even make friends with. 

You can network

When you are in a shared co-working space, the chances are that you are with people that are similar to yourself. They might be business owners, social media gurus, designers or marketers. And this can be a great chance for you to connect and network. You can make connections and it could be that they can help your business out, or that you can help theirs. It is a great chance to network and find out how you can work together. Without the shared co-working space, the chances are that you never would have met.

These are just a few reasons why a shared co-working space is such a great idea. You can find that your productivity increases and that you have a much better working day by just getting out of the house and going somewhere new. Have you ever worked in a co-working space? What are some reasons that you like being in a co-working space? Let me know!



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