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How To Get Your Product Made

Startups have never had it easier in terms of creating a company and a concept. Thanks to the internet, both things are relatively straightforward, especially compared to how it used to be decades ago. However, there is still one major issue – manufacturing.

Most businesses will need to create a product to make money, which is tough when you’ve never done it before. You’re a numbers or an ideas man, not the person who mans the machines. So, what are you supposed to do? You must find a way to get your product made, and here are four steps to consider.

Don’t DIY

Doing it yourself is the first thing that will spring to mind. You have all the information and data you need online, so it can’t be too hard to make the leap into full-time manufacturing. Unfortunately, this isn’t true since there are obstacles you’ll forget about or not understand. Therefore, it’s better to speak to an expert or someone who has experience in the field. A prime example is a peer who has launched a successful startup as they’ll warn you about the risks and offer solid advice and what you must do next.

Find A Manufacturer

The manufacturer is a part of the supply chain that you can’t overlook. Without them, your plans will never come to life. You need them badly, yet you don’t want to pay over the odds or get ripped off. If you assume there is nowhere to turn, you’re wrong. In reality, there is a solution that will provide you with the necessary platform. The key is to source a factory. Then, you have all the manpower and tools you require without wasting a huge chunk of your budget. Specialist companies will negotiate on your behalf, so don’t feel as if you must do it yourself.

Research The Materials

Going from paper to real life is a massive step. What you have in your mind or on the blueprints might not appear as you imagined if the materials aren’t right. As a result, researching which ones you’re going to use is essential as it will impact the final product. A smart tip is to ask for samples beforehand. That way, you can test them out by touching them and using the appearances to imagine what your items will look like when they’re completed.

Make A Prototype

Probably the most important step in this guide is to make a prototype. There’s no way to tell whether a product will be successful unless you have it in your hands. And, if it isn’t, the last thing you want to do is to attempt to sell thousands of units knowing in your heart that they aren’t up to scratch. A prototype offers you the flexibility to tweak and change elements that you don’t like, allowing you to find solutions to problems before you go live. All you need is a 3D printer and you’re golden.

Getting your product made is the most important part of the process for businesses. How will you ensure it goes smoothly?



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