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Small Offices

Making Better Use Of A Small Office Space

A small office space can be hard to work with. It can be hard to fit your team into, both comfortably and safely, and it can be hard to upgrade and expand your business when you’re physically restricted in such a way. 

However, there are quite a few ways to work around a small office space. When you incorporate plenty of design tips and tricks into your office’s layout, you’ll be able to even convince yourself that your office is much bigger than it actually is. So, let’s go through the best tips for doing this below. 

Store Upwards

You’ve got a lack of floor space to work with, and that means you need to make much better use of your walls. They’re a prime candidate for creating a viable storage solution, and that might be your biggest problem right now. If you’re not fully integrated into the cloud yet, or you have no plans to do so, this is where you should start. 

Install some shelving, to keep your data safely stored away, but to also save plenty of space around your office setup as well. There will be no need for small filing cabinets beside every cubicle or overstuffed desk drawers, which can also save money, and when the cabinets are stacked up to the ceiling, it can also help the room to feel much larger too.  

Keep the Floor Clear

Commercial interior design will tell you immediately that it’s a bad idea to disrupt traffic flow around the office, no matter the size of your office space to begin with. However, when you’ve got a small office, it’s imperative to keep the floor clear and the traffic easily flowing, to keep from overcrowding, and to prevent trip hazards (which are much more prevalent).

So tidy up your cables, and make sure your desks follow a layout of equal spacing in all directions. You can use desk organizers or simply some tape to keep any wires strapped in the right places, away from people, and have a wonderfully clear floor as a result. And when the floor is clear, your perception of the space will be much wider too. 

Use Ergonomic Equipment

When you crowd 5 or more people into a small space, it can feel stuffy, and like you’re all sardines in a very small tin. And that doesn’t make for a very positive or productive working environment. However, there’s an easy fix for this: make good use of ergonomic equipment. 

Something like a standing desk, or a fully adjustable, lumbar support chair, will help your team members to feel like they’ve got more room to work. It’ll help them to sit and work comfortably, but also to keep them from straining their neck, back, and eyes when pulling an 8 hour shift. 

A small office space doesn’t have to be a curse. Learn how to use it for a better working environment, and some better results from your team as a whole. 


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