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Why Freelancers Can Help Your Business

We live in a time where flexible working is the norm. After all, lockdown has shown us that most jobs can be done remotely and that we can stay in touch via systems such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It has also opened the door to more and more freelance work. A lot of people got made redundant through the pandemic which left them trying to find jobs as quickly as possible – which freelancing can make happen. If you are a business you might wonder just what the benefits are of hiring a freelancer over a full time employer. The truth is that there are a whole plethora of benefits no matter your type of business. Here are just a few ways that a freelancer can help your business to succeed…

You can pick from a pool of applicants

When you are hiring a freelancer, whether it be hiring app developer, a writer, photographer or marketer, you have a pick of a whole pool of talent. You can find the best of a range of people and then hire the one that you think is the best for your project. When you have someone that works at your company already they might not be the best at the specific thing that you want them to do and this is where a freelancer can be a real benefit.

You only pay for the work they do

With a full time employer you need to pay their salary no matter if they are super busy or having slow days. This can end up costing you money. With a freelancer you only pay for them on a project by project basis. You often decide this cost upfront and know exactly how much you will be spending by hiring them. You can hire them on an hourly basis which you keep track of depending on the project, or decide a flat fee for something that you want done. You don’t need to worry about paying for them on slow days as they will only get paid for the things they do.

You don’t need to pay additional costs

With employers there are a myriad of other costs that you need to pay. This includes insurance, sick pay, holiday pay and more. With a freelancer you are just in charge of the flat fee that you agree on for the project that you are looking to get done and they are in charge of all the other things such as tax. They will also likely work remotely so you don’t need to pay for their office space, or for the phone and electricity bill that they might rack up while working in your office. This is another great way that they can save you costs.

These are just a few reasons that freelancers can help your business. By hiring a freelancer you can find that you save your business money and receive a better service. Have you hired many freelancers before? Have you noticed the benefits?



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