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Marketing Strategy

Pros & Cons Of Handling Your Own Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows that marketing is essential if you want to grow your business. It is the only way to get the word out there of your existence, drawing people in. Often, the most successful companies in their industries are at the top due to excellent marketing strategies. For small business owners, there’s a big debate over how you should approach marketing. Is this something you should outsource, or would it be better to handle it yourself?

Today, we go over the pros and cons of doing all your marketing by yourself. In turn, it will help you figure out if this is the right move to make!

Pro: Less expensive

Handling your marketing strategy means you don’t have to pay anyone to do it for you. Therefore, you can basically get a lot of the stuff done for free. Obviously, some elements of marketing/advertising require payment – like the placement of ads. But, you should be able to significantly reduce your marketing budget if you take care of things alone. 

Con: Less experience

Unfortunately, you might not know anything about marketing a business! Therefore, handling your own strategy means you go in with no experience at all. You could waste time and resources on ideas that were simply never going to work. This is particularly true for specialist areas of marketing, like SEO. Search engine optimisation is a tough field to navigate, and you may not have a clue what you’re doing. By contrast, working with an SEO agency means you have experienced heads planning things for you. It helps you avoid instances where you accidentally blacklist your business by following incorrect marketing practices!

Pro: More control, less pressure

Handling things alone means you are in control of everything. Not only that, but there’s no pressure from external forces to do certain things. When working with agencies, you often give in to their demands and do what they think is best. Even if you don’t believe it will be necessary for your business, you cave under the pressure. So, many business owners prefer handling things in-house where there’s more control. 

Con: Takes up valuable time

Can you afford to spend time planning a marketing strategy while also running a business? What if your business revolves around you providing people with a service? For example, imagine you’re a lawyer and you have various clients with cases for you to work on. Your time should be spent working on each case and creating the best arguments for your clients. As such, you can’t afford to spend time working on your marketing strategy as well. It eats into your productive hours, meaning you either work overtime or your main service suffers. Often, this is why most business owners choose to put marketing services into the hands of others. 

All in all, handling your own marketing strategy isn’t ideal. It’s something that should maybe only be done in the early stages where you want to save as much money as possible. Generally, investing in marketing agencies or hiring marketing experts is the best option as you remove all the cons from this list. You can focus on your own work while also knowing that your marketing campaign is solid and will generate results.



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