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Empowering HR People To Rise Up and Lead

How to build powerful strategic relationships that deliver results 

COVID-19 has accelerated an already changing working world and these developments are going to have a lasting impact upon many business functions. The road to recovery is going to be fraught with many challenges, so sharing expertise, insight, intuition and humanity has never been more vital. HR is at the fulcrum of this. For HR to be a key player across the business and at board level, they need to build strategic value-adding partnerships that drive business success and boost HR’s influence and reputation. 

Within Empowering HR, Deborah Wilkes FCIPD demonstrates how HR professionals can achieve just this and cement their position as business leaders. About the book Professor Dave Ulrich, HR Thought Leader, said: “A strong and positive voice in this HR world.” 

Deborah’s specialist knowledge is evident from her distinctive track record. Deborah is a seasoned HR consultant and coach with 25 years of experience and has led HR functions across the UK and Europe. Within the book she draws on real-life HR experiences, practical approaches, her research-led framework of seven HR Enablers and also includes self- inquiry and resources to re-energise and inspire HR people at all levels. This creates a comprehensive guide for HR professionals looking to make their mark as business leaders in their organisation. 

Evidence proves that the best organisations have the most dynamic HR functions. However, HR cannot succeed alone. It can deliver only when its work is embraced, embedded and lived by leaders and managers across the organisation. The critical factor is HR’s relationships. Deborah clearly demonstrates why chief executives need to empower HR to play its full strategic role and why HR should be empowering chief executives to be the best leaders they can be and facilitating their thinking about people. 

Whilst this is important, sometimes there is a disconnect between HR and managers. Deborah’s seven HR enablers provide practical strategies for HR professionals to shift how they operate and build the relationship between HR and the business into a two-way street. Each enabler is measurable and has a designated chapter in which Deborah outlines how HR professionals can invest to grow the integrity and influence of their HR function in this aspect. 

Empowering HR supports readers in answering central questions; What is the purpose of HR? How can HR influence from the top? How can HR ensure its strategic interventions deliver results? 

It is clear that the pandemic has proved the importance of an innovative and strategic HR function in times of crisis, and it is essential this recognition is not lost. Empowering HR is the perfect read for any HR professional looking to step up and lead a powerful people agenda that drives whole business success or those seeking to achieve board positions. It is also an ideal read for business leaders looking to work more efficiently with HR for their people and profitability. 

Empowering HR by Deborah Wilkes is available from Amazon and is published by Panoma Press 







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