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Revealing the power secrets of female leaders:

Inspiring the next generation of change-makers 

Despite growing numbers of female world leaders and changing mindsets, leadership continues to be dominated by men. However, throughout history we have seen many powerful women across the world excel in leadership and demonstrate key characteristics that, if emulated and embraced, have the power to fundamentally change society for the better. Within her new book The Art of Iconic Leadership, Justina Mutale delves into the past and present of iconic women to inspire the trailblazing leaders of the future and implore them to harness the emerging opportunities for global change. 

Justina’s specialist knowledge regarding the strategies to excel as a female leader is evident from her distinctive track record. Justina is a seasoned professional speaker, delegate, event convener and mentor. She discusses her own first-hand experiences in the book, both the successes and challenges, to motivate readers. With this in mind, proceeds from the book go to the Scholarship Fund at the Justina Mutale Foundation to help disadvantaged young women and girls from Africa access tertiary education across the globe. 

Within the book, Justina has identified a number of different characteristics, many of these soft skills, that she believes are fundamental for effective leadership and have been consistently exhibited by female leaders across history, including courage, compassion, resilience and purpose. She also delves into how millennials are leading differently, reflecting on Jacinda Ardern’s impressive successes to date.  

To demonstrate the power of these characteristics she showcases key female leaders in history, bringing the achievements of women across the world to the fore to show just what is possible with women at the helm. Justina recounts the reign of Catherine the Great of Russia and how she exercised her creativity to bring innovation like no other. Justina also discusses Queen Elizabeth II and the successful leadership characteristics she has embodied throughout her reign, including her astute emotional intelligence. The book has a global focus and includes many women outside of the Western world that perhaps readers may not have heard of, including Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma, the first ever woman to head the African Union Commission. She is also the first-ever woman to present herself as a presidential candidate in South Africa. 

It is clear that the pandemic has proved the effectiveness of female leadership in times of crisis, and it is essential this recognition is not lost. Female leaders are infinitely capable and flourish given the same opportunities as their male counterparts.  

The Art of Iconic Leadership is the perfect read for anyone seeking a comprehensive guide to the power secrets of female world leaders. It is an ideal read for any aspiring female leader keen to learn about the past and the present, so they can be prepared to be the future and command real change. 

The Art of Iconic Leadership is available on Amazon from 10th December 2020 and is published by Panoma Press. 



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