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Does Your Store Need Better Signage?

Is it time you invested in better signage for your store? Below are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether you need to upgrade your signage. 

Is your signage in good condition?

A damaged sign can be bad for business. Failing to look after a sign could suggest that you are unable to look after the important aspects of your company – potentially including your customers. 

If your sign is faded, rusted, peeling or missing letters, you may want to consider repairing it or replacing it (unless it’s a very old store and the sign is a part of its history). When choosing a new sign, it could be worth choosing a durable material such as acrylic or aluminium.

Signs need to be cleaned regularly – if your sign is looking a bit faded and you haven’t cleaned it in a while, consider whether this is the simple solution. It could be worth hiring professionals to do this.

Could there be ways of increasing visibility?

A good sign needs to be clearly visible from far away. Consider whether a few upgrades could help to make your signage more clearly visible. There are a few different ways in which you can do this:

  • Go colourful: While a black and white sign can be effective, you can increase visibility further by using bright colours like yellows, reds or bright greens. Consider colours that fit your brand.
  • Light it up: Adding lights to your sign could help to make it more visible in all weathers and at all times of the day. There are lots of different ways to illuminate signage from adding lights above it to adding lights within the lettering.
  • Aim higher: Placing signage up high could help it to be seen from further away, which could be useful if your store is near a fast road or on a hill. You could create branded custom flags to fly from the roof of your property by hiring the help of a flag maker. Alternatively, you could look into pylon signs – these are tall signs on top of poles.
  • Make it stick out: Signs that project out of your property could allow people to see your store from either side. This could include hanging signs or fixed projection signs.
  • Consider all angles: Does your store have a rear entrance that customers can use? It could be worth adding a sign here too. You can also use signs around the exterior to direct people to the entrance, as well as around the interior to direct people to parts of your store.

Is static signage the only option?

Most signage is static – it displays a single image or piece of text at all times. However, digital signs have created new possibilities. Using an LED screen, you may be able to display a slideshow of various information or you could even display videos.

Signs also don’t have to be permanent. You could consider creating new signs every few months to display new deals. Chalkboards are a popular option that allow you to display new deals and information every day – they’re cheaper than LED screens and could be better if you want to create a rustic look.

Thinking beyond signage

Signs aren’t the only thing that will help your shop to stand out. Striking shopfronts typically need other elements such as a fun window display and bold colors. 

While updating your signage, consider whether it’s a good opportunity to update your exterior as a whole. There are companies that can help you design your shopfront if you need some help. It could make a massive difference when it comes to getting customers through the door.


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