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9 Reasons You Should Launch a Recruitment Consultancy

There’s no denying that the jobs market has taken a tumble in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people getting furloughed or fired. You might be reading this because you’d like to have a more stable and secure income source.

Plus, you also fancy starting a business and doing things your way rather than somebody else’s. As you might expect, there are many business ideas you can consider. However, have you ever thought that launching a recruitment consultancy could be right for you?

It might be something you’ve never even dreamt of doing. Or, it might be something you thought about for a while. In any event, it might surprise you to learn that you might have the right qualities and people skills to become a recruiter.

Here are some reasons why setting up a recruitment consultancy might be advantageous for you:

1. You’re a People Person

Do you enjoy talking to people and socialising with them? Plus, do you find some people fascinating and enjoy meeting all kinds of interesting individuals in your daily life? If the answer to all those questions is yes, you should seriously consider becoming a recruiter.

What’s great about recruitment is that it gives you numerous opportunities to learn more about the people that make up our world. If you’ve worked in recruiting before, you’ve undoubtedly gained some experience of that.

Even if you haven’t had prior exposure to the industry, a “people person” such as yourself will have no trouble matching potential candidates to the right jobs for them.

2. You’re a Recruiter Who Wants to Go It Alone

Some people reading this article might already work as recruiters for other consultancies. It’s undoubtedly a fantastic way to learn about the industry and gain essential skills for helping clients and candidates.

The problem is, you have to conform to your employer’s way of doing things. That might not necessarily align with what you believe is the best way. When you set up a recruitment consultancy, you get to do things your way.

Moving from a recruitment consultant job to launching a consultancy is a natural career progression for many recruiters. It could be the right choice for you if you’ve got an entrepreneurial spark inside of you.

3. You Want to Have a Better Income

When you’re an employee of a recruitment consultancy, your income generally gets capped as you only earn a set salary plus commission on top. Once you’re in the higher income tax bracket, you also get less take-home pay each month.

That all changes when you work for yourself by establishing a recruitment consultancy. Your earning potential is virtually unlimited, especially if you work as a sole consultant that targets specific niches and deals with large companies and organisations.

As a company director, your tax liability is lower than that of an employee. You could literally do the same level of work that you do now, except that you’ll be bringing home more money at the end of each month.

4. You Get to Specialise in Your Favourite Niches

If you’ve spent much of your life working in specific industries, you get to know a lot about how businesses within them operate. As you can appreciate, that gives you an advantage as a recruitment consultant.

Setting up a recruitment consultancy gives you the freedom to specialise in the niche markets you have an intimate knowledge of and enjoy. That’s seldom the case if you work as a recruiter for another consultancy firm.

Once you’ve established your recruitment consultancy, you can use your market knowledge to build your brand as a leading recruiter in that industry. What that means for you is companies will recognise your reputation and use your services exclusively.

5. You’ll Have a More Financially Stable Life

It’s easy for people to say that being an employee is more stable than working as a self-employed person or a company director in charge of others. However, it’s a somewhat old-fashioned and incorrect view to have.

The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, has shown how many people who thought they had secure jobs ended up losing them due to lockdown restrictions. Recruitment is one of the few sectors that actually thrive during times of economic woes.

When you set up your own recruitment consultancy business, you’ll soon discover that you have a more financially stable life. That’s because you get to make the decisions that affect your work and income, rather than relying on someone else’s decisions.

Plus, the almost unlimited earning potential will bolster your financial stability, as discussed in point three of this article.

6. You’ll Play a Key Role in Shaping Top Businesses

Some of the world’s leading brands wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for the right talent contributing to their success. Part of the reason why those top companies became so successful is down to the role recruiters play in their businesses.

When you launch your recruitment consultancy business, you’ll experience first-hand how you get to shape the future of each client’s organisation. You will ultimately be the reason why they end up with an incredible workforce.

As you can appreciate, such a feeling will give you an enormous sense of satisfaction. You’ll wish that you had set up your recruitment consultancy sooner!

7. You’ll Feel More Motivated

Let’s face it: when you’re an employee, you will mainly feel motivated to work by the income you receive for your graft. Of course, a career shouldn’t be like that; there should be other factors that motivate you.

Setting up a recruitment consultancy business means you get to feel challenged every day. The daily challenges that your work presents means that you’ll also feel stimulated and yearn to achieve your goals.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the challenges that you face in your business will also bring rewards in equal measures. Finding top talent can be a tough job, but the results are worth it, and you’ll remember why you decided to set up your consultancy.

8. You’ll Build a Professional Network

As you can imagine, meeting all kinds of people in your professional life means that you end up building an ongoing working relationship with many of them. It’s a fact that can help you massively as a recruitment consultant.

Firstly, you’ll have a network of clients that feel more like friends and will turn to you whenever they need new talent. Secondly, you’ll build up a list of contacts that can help you with various aspects of your business.

Lastly, you’ll also have a network of candidates that you can match potential new roles with, sometimes resulting in quick and easy hires (and a faster way of earning your consultancy fees).

9. You’ll Be Your Own Boss

One final fact to bear in mind about setting up a recruitment consultancy business is you won’t be working for anyone else. You get to make all the decisions that happen in your consultancy, and you can decide whether to work alone or hire a team of recruiters.

Being your own boss also means you can decide which niches to focus on, how you want to provide a service to your clients, and if you want to cover specific areas of the country or focus on international recruitment.

What’s more, you can even decide when to have time off from work and not fret about whether your holiday request gets authorised or not!



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