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Notebook Mentor –

What kind of leader am I? 


Notebook Mentor 

Starting a business can be an exciting and thrilling experience, but the realities of growing your business and leading a team can leave many feeling out of their depth.  

 Do you know what kind of leader you are? Have you considered how your experiences, skills, intellect, character traits, beliefs and values shape your leadership? How might this create followership in others? What can you do to develop your leadership capability, recognising your spikes of strength, limitations and gaps?  

All these questions and more are addressed in Notebook Mentor’s ‘What kind of leader am I’ Notebook,  a practical resource packed full of advice, tips and guidance to help you consider whether you are up to the task and ask of leadership.  It is an ideal read for anyone reflecting on what it means to lead, who is interested in understanding what kind of leader they are or might be. 


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