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Learning & Development

The pandemic has taken a toll on a variety of businesses, some effects we are only starting to see. However, as a result of the pandemic, there have been some things that have come out to be positives. Meetings have been performed remotely for over a year now, which just shows how simple it can be going forward. Learning online has also been something that people in business have been embracing, whether this is to learn something new or to learn a skill that fills the skills gaps in the team.

Nearly 80% of current CEOs who were interviewed in a recent survey reported that they were concerned about the skills gaps in some of their teams. Interestingly, the skills gaps aren’t necessarily gaps in being able to use technology, but with team members lacking leadership skills, creativity, and empathy.

If you’re looking for new or alternative ways to manage how your employees are training and learning, then you might want to consider a digital learning and staff training management system. It can be a helpful tool to any business concerned over how their team members are handling daily tasks.

So how much is your organization spending on training? Has your training budget increased or decreased as a result of the pandemic? According to 42% of employees surveyed in a recent study, they reported that learning and development was the most important perk of being an employee. It is something that your team wants, but it is finding the time to allow it and finding the courses that will help your employees to develop, grow, and fill in any skills gaps within their teams.
To find out more about learning and development and loo at the statistics and data, check out this infographic:

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