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Take Risks:

You Won’t Get Anywhere Otherwise

Whether you like it or not, taking risks is an inherent part of life. At some point, you’re going to have to do something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Otherwise, you’ll stagnate and never make it out of your current situation. 

Business leaders know all about risks. Many of them leave their homes, quit their jobs and even end relationships in pursuit of their entrepreneurial objectives. 

But if they weren’t prepared to take those plunges, nothing would ever happen in the economy. And we’d be stuck back in the stone age, bashing rocks together. 

Taking risks seems like a bad thing. But it is actually the path to a better, more enjoyable life. When you are prepared to do things nobody else wants to do, it builds your character and you get more out of life. For a leader-type personality, nothing is worse than being stuck in a job you hate, grinding out the years until you retire. You want to feel as though you’re really living your life. 

What Are The Risks? 

Risks are a funny thing, though. The reason we worry about them is because things can go seriously wrong. We can lose our life savings, run out of money, and fail in our plans. Many entrepreneurs have to go back to their old employers with a begging bowl, asking for their jobs back. 

The way to think about this productively is to accept that risks exist everywhere, no matter what you do. For instance, there’s a risk remaining in your current line or work. You might become unemployed. Or you might look back in twenty years wishing you’d done something more with your life.

You will also never become comfortable with taking risks – a risk in itself. 

Why Taking Risks Is Living To The Full

For the last year or so, governments around the world have tried to force their populations to live in safe bubbles to protect them from COVID-19. On the face of it, it seems like an admirable strategy. Governments are doing their job – protecting the people. 

But there’s a dark side to all this: the removal of risk from life. Life tends to only have value when you don’t know how the future will unfold. If you had everything mapped out in advance, the journey would be a dreadful grind. And life would lack excitement. 

Risks give you that sense you’re alive. It’s why people do crazy things like climb Mount Everest. They want a real challenge and they don’t want to know how things will work out. 

Covering Risks

What’s more, you don’t actually have to face the full consequences of your action. Society provides all kinds of ways to mitigate them, from liability insurance to limited liability companies. 

These mechanisms allow you to pass some of the risks you take back over to the rest of society. You should never be reckless. But you should reduce the threats you face if you can. That’s the sensible approach. 

Taking risks, therefore, is a necessary part of life, and something you should try to get comfortable doing. 



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