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Improve Your 2021 Marketing Campaign In Seven Steps

To keep your business fresh and popular, you need to build an awesome marketing campaign. You’ll already have your go-to marketing tactics, but it’s important to adapt to trends and technology. To help you with some great new ideas, simply follow these seven steps.

1. Focus On Demand Generation

Demand generation focuses on generating a demand for your business services and products. The first step is to find the audiences that will be receptive to your branding. Once you’ve found them, you work on guiding them through the conversion process. Demand generation uses a more drawn-out process compared to lead generation. The idea is to access higher quality leads, and therefore increase conversion rates. There are plenty of demand generation strategies you can use, to gain quality leads.

2. Personalised Marketing

According to research from Forbes, ‘80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.’ With the help of personalized marketing, it’s easier to target specific customers, serving them relevant info. Relevancy is the key to boosting conversions, and there are many ways to provide personalized marketing:

  • Email Campaigns: When you send personalized emails, you’ll experience higher open rates and increased conversions.
  • Product Suggestions: Offering suggestions on products can help brands to increase sales and improve the customer experience.
  • Use Chatbots: Your chatbots can use customer data to provide personalized experiences and conversational marketing.

3. Optimise For Google Updates

Google recently introduced a ranking signal that combines user experience and Core Web Vitals. The ranking signal is designed to evaluate page experience, with a focus on UX. To optimize your site for this update, you should focus on the following areas:

  • Compress and optimize your images.
  • Ensure proper dimensions for embeds and images.
  • Improve page loading speeds and server response.

Anything that makes it difficult for a user to navigate your pages will have a negative effect on your core web vitals. You should focus on improving the interactivity of your pages.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization

To improve your 2021 marketing campaigns, it’s vital to focus on conversion rate optimization. Several tools can improve your CRO, for instance:

  • Unbounce: Using this tool you can create and test your web pages before they are live. Unbounce includes plenty of features to help boost conversions. A few of the best features include a lead gen form builder and gated content.
  • HotJar: With the help of the HotJar tool you can analyze web visitors. With these user behavior insights, you can focus on the parts of your site that need improvements.

Analyzing the behavior of your web users is the best way to improve your website. You might also like to ask your web visitors for direct feedback.

5. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising involves using AI to automate the process of buying ads. The idea is to improve audience targeting, ensuring that your ads are seen by the right people. With programmatic advertising, you can use IP targeting, for a certain location. You can also focus on retargeting. One type of programmatic buying is ‘real-time bidding’. With fast and efficient automation you’ll benefit from increased conversions. You’ll also experience reduced consumer acquisition costs.

6. Live Video

Video marketing is an excellent way to gain leads and improve your online visibility. Brands can use live video in many different ways. You might choose to discuss industry topics, explain products, or host live events. With the help of live video, you can offer your target audience an authentic experience. You can build rapport, and give your audience a look behind the scenes. Live video can be a little daunting, so you might want to practice in a non-live format first! You could make YouTube content, whether it’s ‘how-to’ videos or traditional ads.

Working with a video production company can help you create videos to boost your confidence before you start doing live’s. You can learn some helpful tips and tricks by working with those who know precisely make the most of video content and ensuring you are engaging to keep people watching so you can get started on the right foot.


7. Nano Influencers

According to Ethos, ‘Nano-influencers are your everyday social media users, with anywhere from 100 to 10,000 followers.’ Though they have smaller followings, their audiences are often more active and loyal. Brands can work with nano influencers for a small fee, and improve their marketing as a result. Working with influencers allows brands to grow their audiences and gain customer loyalty. To find nano influencers to work with, you can check out apps like Social Animal or Upfluence. Here you can search for influencers within many different niches.

Once you’ve perfected your marketing campaign, don’t stop there. Ensure that you gather analytics, and use this data to make improvements. To build a successful business, you need a great marketing campaign.


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