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How To Make Them Easier For Customers

You know what it’s like. You hop onto a company’s website to find what looks like a bunch of regular product pages, only to discover that you can’t actually buy from them directly. Instead, you have to call the vendor, send them an email, or go to their store. 

Transactions like these are annoying and they create friction. Plus, you know personally how they damage the customer experience. So why are you still using them in your business?

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways that you can make payments easier for your customers. Implementing these strategies should have a massive effect on your bottom line. Here’s what to do. 

Accept Online Payments

Let’s start with the basics: accepting online payments. 

Customers today expect to be able to log onto your website and buy products and services directly, instead of having to call you up or do any annoying telephone banking. 

Why this matters comes down to convenience. Customers want to be able to click on the goods they want and then for you to do the rest. 

Accepting online payments is, therefore, critical in today’s market. Plus, thanks to modern tools, it is by far the easiest to implement.

Accept A Variety Of Payment Methods

You log onto some e-commerce websites and find that the vendor is only willing to accept credit or debit cards. That’s okay, but today there are so many other payment methods available. Just accepting plastic seems a little outdated. 

For instance, you might consider accepting Paypal – a platform that a lot of internet shoppers actually prefer. 

Or, if you’re feeling especially brave, you might consider accepting cryptocurrencies. If you’re worried about price fluctuations, you can immediately cash out using a Bitcoin exchange

You might also consider accepting other digital wallets.

Create Funnels

Making it easier for customers to pay also involves improving your funnels. You want customers to feel effortlessly guided to your checkouts, instead of having to go through all sorts of complicated menus. When they click on a product, it should be obvious that they have added it to their cart. You could even create a graphic for your website that jiggles around whenever they make a purchase, reminding them that they have items that they still need to checkout. 

If a customer abandons their cart before paying, set up an automated email to remind them that their basket is still full. Also, embed payment options in the email itself to make it even easier for them to transfer money to you. 

Create Digital Invoices

Regular invoices are just pieces of paper that break down what your clients owe you. But they do nothing to make it easier for them to pay. 

Digital invoices, on the other hand, are different. With these, you can actually include clickable payment options, such as PayPal, allowing customers to transfer funds to you immediately. 

Once you make payments easier, you’ll find that your revenues naturally start going up. Convenience is one of the things that customers want most. 



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