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Search Engine Optimisation

An Introduction To Search Engine Optimisation and Why You Should Care About It

Regardless of what kind of website you run, one of the most important things to aim for is a high Google search placement. For example, if you’re selling wooden furniture on the internet, then you want to be high on the Google search rankings whenever someone looks for “wooden furniture”. This is the basic concept of search engine optimisation and why it’s important, but it’s actually a lot deeper than that.

So in this post, we’ll be explaining some basics of SEO and why it’s an important consideration to keep in mind.

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimisation is important because it helps your website rank higher on search engines. If you want people to find your website, you need to focus on using different keywords that your audience is likely to search for and incorporate them naturally into your website’s content. This is just the basics of how SEO works, but it should give you an idea of why it’s so important for websites.

Is good SEO expensive?

Good SEO doesn’t need to be expensive. While it can be costly to make a lot of different content, good SEO is all about creating quality content and not so much pushing out a high quantity of content. However, if you’re in an industry with many competitors with larger marketing budgets, then it can be expensive to reach that coveted rank 1 spot on a Google search result. Luckily, SEO can be a lot cheaper if you’re in a niche industry or don’t have many competitors to contend with.

Can you do SEO yourself?

Yes, you can! Good SEO is essentially just creating good content for your website that matches the keywords you want to rank for. However, it’s usually a better idea to use services like SEO by Vine Digital because the creation of content can take a long time. You’ll also need to do research on your competitors because it’ll help you understand which keywords to rank for and which ones you should avoid.

Is SEO more important than a good website?

In many cases, yes. While good web design can help make your site look more appealing, it ultimately doesn’t help with SEO. Certain things like reactive web design can make a huge difference for SEO because Google ranks your website as being friendly to both mobile and desktop websites, but that’s known as technical SEO and is a slightly different subject. For regular SEO, it’s important that you have good content on your website that ranks well for certain keywords and provides extra value to your visitors.

Does every website need good SEO?

If you want your website to rank on Google or any other search engine then yes, your website does need good SEO! However, you don’t need to invest as much money or time into SEO if your main focus is something niche. SEO generally gets more difficult and more necessary if you’re in an industry with many different brands, influencers, and businesses.


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