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How to Make Your House More Eco Friendly

Reducing your carbon footprint and becoming more eco friendly has become such an important consideration. Although you may not think that the small changes you make around the house can make a difference, the cumulative effect of even one or two tweaks to your home can have a massive impact. You can lessen the negative effect your daily life has on the planet by making these sustainable changes.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

A lot of harmful chemicals can be found in the cleaning products you use at home. The chemicals you use to clean your house, dishes and clothes negatively impact the planet and affect its biodiversity. Refrain from using products containing synthetic ingredients and instead chose eco-friendly products that contain sustainably sourced ingredients.

Invest in renewable energy

Most households in the UK rely on energy from non-sustainable sources such as gas and oil. Renewable energy technology such as rooftop solar panels and wind turbines will transform your home into a sustainable haven. Investing in a solar oven is also a great way to reduce the impact your daily life has on the planet. If you’re looking to add solar panels, consider hiring land surveyors to see where else you could add them. This could be to a structure you’re planning on building in your garden, or even to an existing shed.

Buy products that are biodegradable 

The majority of the products you buy come in plastic packing which takes centuries to biodegrade. Although many of these containers can be recycled, it is much better to opt for biodegradable products whenever they are available as recycling products still uses energy which has a negative impact on the planet. Biodegradable products dissolve when they come into contact with fungi and bacteria so do not cause any environmental harm as they break down and dissolve through natural processes. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Separating your household waste into separate containers ensures that all your waste ends up in the right place. A separate recycling bin, compostable waste and non-compostable waste bin will make disposal of your household waste simple. Investing in davey pumps can reduce water usage by 40%. Not only will this have a significant impact on the environment but it will also save you money. Try your best to reuse items as much as possible – tin foil that has just been used to cover leftovers in the fridge is often clean once you remove it and can simply be kept and reused for next time. Try to reuse plastic bags wherever possible but you should switch to canvas shopping bags if you haven’t done so already as these will last much longer.

Dry your clothes on the washing line

Hanging your clothes on the washing line or an indoor drying rack rather than tumble drying them may take longer but it saves you money on energy and helps protect the planet. Whilst dryers are doubtless more convenient, you can’t beat the scent of clothes dried in the sun. 

These simple tips will go a long way towards making your home more eco friendly and can also be applied to your business. Making small changes has a significant impact so you can be proud to be doing your bit to protect our planet.

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