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16 Seconds

You Have the Power to Create Your Own Reality 

 Tools to increase awareness and remove limitations for successful manifesting 

Interest in manifesting and the Law of Attraction amongst popular culture is growing. Whilst this attention is beneficial to raising awareness of the power of manifestation, many myths continue to circulate. What can be created, how long this takes and who can be influenced is often inaccurate, which can quickly lead to disappointment. In reality, this process requires foundational work, flow, energy alignment and the removal of limiting beliefs. Within 16 Seconds Pam Lidford and Sandra Stocks debunk the myths surrounding manifestation and show readers how to create the life they desire. 

 Pam is a seasoned holistic and confidence coach and NLP Master who runs her own practice, as well as training individuals to become qualified coaches. Sandra is an authenticity and mindset coach, also qualified in vibrational healing and NLP. Within 16 Seconds they have brought together a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to create a complete guide to manifesting and how to practically apply it. 

Pam and Sandra are keen to stress manifesting is not the quick fix some may perceive it to be, nor is it always easy. Therefore, 16 Seconds provides the reader with tools grounded in neuroscience to develop self and mind, alongside knowledge and awareness of energy, the universal laws and manifesting, as these are all intertwined. Readers will understand how the brain develops beliefs, how they hold vibration and learn that how they think indicates their vibration, resulting in what they are able to attract and manifest. This increased awareness can prevent individuals from struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, disempowerment and fear by making incremental changes to the way they think or believe about everything in life they want to create. 

 The title 16 Seconds derives from the short time it takes for the energy wheels to start  turning consciously and unconsciously – readers have the power to make a difference to  what they are attracting in this initial phase. Pam and Sandra show readers the relationship  between the energy of our thoughts and emotions and what we are physically receiving.  When energy is aligned and the tools are applied, readers are able to change the course of  their lives.    

Within the subsequent chapters, the authors equip readers with a range of tools to make the incremental mindset and vibrational changes required to manifest successfully. Sandra  introduces the Seven Universal Laws, who we are vibrationally, how to bridge the gap to  where you want to be and the benefit of inspired goal setting. Pam helps the reader to  understand where they are physically, understand if their beliefs are facts and how to  change their beliefs. The book concludes with how readers can continue moving forward  and maintain the change they have started to create. This provides a complete and  sustainable approach to creating the life they want, if they put in the all-important  foundational work.    

16 Seconds is an ideal read for anyone seeking to learn more about true manifestation,  energy and vibrations, and their relationship with the brain. By enabling readers to confront  their personal limitations, beliefs, negative thoughts, and negative emotions with actionable  tools, Pam and Sandra help readers to practically manifest what they want from a place of  awareness and authenticity. 

16 Seconds by Pam Lidford and Sandra Stocks is published by Panoma Press and is available on Amazon


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