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Risk It

Use your intuition to revolutionise Health and Safety 

Challenging established conventions on risk, care and compliance 

 The past year has fundamentally changed how individuals think about risk, forcing them to adopt new practices and consider how they go about managing potential hazards every day. In such unprecedented times, many have found themselves seeking guidance and a better understanding of what good health and safety practice means. 

 Too often health and safety is reduced to the basic act of ticking boxes and filling out forms, with the essential role of human intuition and care underplayed. In his new book Risk It, Malcolm Tullett provides a revolutionary approach to health and safety, highlighting the necessity of caring, alongside the need for compliance, to establish best practice. 

Malcolm is the Founding Director and Principal Safety Advisor of Risk and Safety Plus, an acclaimed health and safety consultancy. As a seasoned expert with experience serving as a senior officer with the London Fire Service and a background in the Navy, he is well versed in the nuances of mitigating risk and advising those with responsibility for both people and property.   

Risk It includes a range of practical health and safety tips interspersed with case studies and stories from real life experience. Unlike other books, which generally read as dry technical manuals, Risk It guides the reader through health and safety with a creative and personal touch grounded in Malcolm’s extensive experience. 

Health and safety practices are commonly seen in black and white, but this book takes it to the next level, exploring the belief that work environments will only become less risky when individuals incorporate best practice with managed intuition. Malcolm is passionate that care is not just a duty imposed upon leaders, active caring should be the fundamental bedrock of any risk mitigating.   

Risk It delves into health and safety practice as the world knows it, unpacking its foundation and challenging the common emphasis on paperwork, ‘duty of care’, rigid structure, and blind compliance. Malcolm writes that risks present themselves as  an opportunity to learn and that generally, humans have a significant capacity for self-preservation without the need for instruction from a health and safety professional. 

Using this perspective, Malcolm explores the value of human intuition and encourages the reader to listen to their in-built ‘tuning fork’ or sixth sense to detect risk, rather than relying solely on what health and safety guidelines state is the best code of conduct. 

With chapter topics ranging from leadership, self-protection, spotting bad rules and accepting mistakes when they happen, Risk It is a thorough cross-examination of the accepted standards of health and safety, and invites the reader to re-think their entrenched beliefs about what it involves. 

Risk It is the perfect read for all industry leaders, business owners and professionals or anyone who finds themselves in a position with a ‘duty of care’ over people and premises. Malcolm provides a brand-new perspective for those looking to approach health and safety with a positive and caring mindset, rather than through the paradigm of fear. 

 Risk It by Malcolm Tullett is published by Panoma Press and is available on Amazon 


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