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Creating A Greener Business:

Tips For Eco-Conscious Entrepreneurs

Climate change is dominating the headlines, and many of us are on a mission to make sure we do our bit to protect the planet. If you run a business, there are several advantages of embracing greener ways of working, including saving money, boosting efficiency, enhancing brand image and reducing waste. If you’re keen to go green, here are some top tips. 

Logistics and greener travel

Businesses deliver products and services to customers all over the world, which involves complex logistics. If you operate a fleet of vehicles, or you work with logistics or delivery companies, there are multiple ways to try and reduce carbon emissions. Examples include using tools and technology to plan routes to lower fuel consumption and maximize efficiency, swapping to electric or hybrid vehicles, using eco-friendly packaging and offering consumers a choice of delivery options. More and more brands are providing an option to combine deliveries to prevent multiple visits or to choose a slot that coincides with other deliveries in the local area.   

Materials and manufacturing and building techniques

Many businesses buy and sell materials and they depend on using manufacturing techniques to create products or offer services. When analyzing the environmental impact of your business, it’s always beneficial to take a close look at the materials and processes you use or implement. You can buy and utilize sustainable materials, recycle or repurpose materials when possible and explore processes such as powder coating to introduce cleaner techniques and methods. From retailers and building firms to manufacturers and hospitality venues, business owners can look for ways to modify the products they buy and the processes they use to make a positive contribution to the environment. 

Recycling and reducing waste

Introducing recycling schemes is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce waste and encourage employees and customers to get involved in green initiatives. You can recycle a vast array of products and materials, helping to prevent items from ending up in landfill sites and enabling other businesses or individuals to use the materials for other purposes. If you’re keen to promote recycling, scatter bins and boxes around staff areas and kitchens, use posters and informative signs to direct people to the right containers and offer information about why recycling is beneficial and the difference it makes. It’s also an excellent idea to try and encourage your employees to use less plastic. Provide a water cooler and ask your team to bring in reusable cups, swap plastic cutlery for wooden products in canteens and on-site cafes and ask people to bring a flask in for their morning coffee. 

Green commuting

Millions of people across the world drive to work every day. While it may not always be possible to ditch the car in favor of greener options, many employees could reduce their carbon footprint by considering alternatives such as walking, cycling, running or using eco-friendly public transport options, such as electric buses. 

More and more companies are making strides when it comes to creating greener businesses but there is a long way to go. If you’re eager to get involved and go green, why not take these tips on board today?



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