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The Heidi Hauer Podcast

The Heidi Hauer Podcast Are you ready to integrate health, happiness and true fulfilment with professional success? If you want to bring balance back into your life while staying focused on your career and doing good in the world, then you are in the right place! Health & Life Coach Heidi Hauer shows you how to use intuitive tools and access life-changing mindset shifts that support you in leading an abundant, meaningful and successful life. Learn from female entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, and creative powerhouses how to live on purpose, nurture your wellbeing and have a positive impact on the world.

  • Financial Literacy and The Pocket Pay Gap with Mara Harvey - Episode 51 | English
    by Heidi Hauer on January 25, 2022 at 5:00 am

    Financial independence for women has changed considerably in the past century, but we still have a long way to go. This also holds true for the financial sector, where current levels of diversity and inclusion leave much to be desired. Today’s guest, Mara Harvey, served as Senior Wealth Manager at a prestigious Swiss bank and holds a doctorate in political economy from Freeburg University, as well as a degree in economic policy and economic metrics. Mara Harvey is the author of a series of illustrated children’s books called ‘A Smart Way to Start’, which aims to teach young children and parents about money, ethics, and sustainability. She is passionately driven by two powerful causes: the need for true economic and gender equality for future generations, and for all of us, including children, to become educated on the impact that our financial decisions have on the world, including the Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations. In my conversation with Mara, we discuss the creation of ‘A Smart Way to Start’, what she’s learned from working in the financial sector for over twenty years, and why we all need to be reminded of the devastating impact that decades of unequal pay have had and continue to have, on the wealth of women. Join us for an eye-opening conversation on sustainability, equality, and women in finance. Key Points: •  Introducing the concept of the pocket money pay gap. •  Why we should be concerned about the financial future of the young female generation. •  How Mara’s book series ‘A Smart Way to Start’ educate children and parents about money. •  The main message that Mara wants young readers to take away from her books. •  The exciting news that Mara’s books are now part of the United Nations Library. •  How Mara’s books are linked to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. •  Mara’s many years of experience in wealth management and the differences she’s noticed in how men and women invest their money. •  How money messaging in the media affects the way women invest. •  The confidence gap and how this affects women’s financial lives. •  Mara’s concerns over the financial knowledge gap and its effect on future generations. •  Why we need to be aware of the long-term consequences of having had pay gaps for so long. •  How Mara’s experiences as a woman in finance have motivated her passion for addressing financial inequities and education. •  Why the financial industry still has a long way to go when it comes to diversity and inclusion. •  How Mara maintained her well-being during her high-pressure career. •  Mara shares her message for all the women in the world: make talking about money, with your partner, with your children, an absolute priority. Quotes: “All the biases that we see in the workplace are actually present in society, all around us. And they influence our children too, without us even really being conscious of how deep that bias goes, and how far-reaching it is.” — Mara Harvey [0:02:12] “Women have a strong tendency to save but not necessarily invest. They are less engaged in long-term financial investment decisions than men are. And very often they abdicate that long term decision making to their partners.” — Mara Harvey [0:07:40] “Women tend to believe that men are more knowledgeable about finance than they are. And there is research that proves this. And it's just a belief, there are no facts to endorse it.” — Mara Harvey [0:08:59] Links:

  • Ein Wort für's neue Jahr mit Heidi Hauer - Episode 50 | German
    by Heidi Hauer on January 18, 2022 at 4:00 am

    Anstatt sich mit Neujahrsvorsätzen zu quälen, gibt es eine einfachere und zielführendere Lösung: Wähle für dich persönlich Ein Wort für's ganze Jahr aus. Nimm dir Zeit zu reflektieren, in dich hinein zu hören und zu spüren, welche nächsten Schritte du in diesem Jahr gehen möchtest. Finde ein Wort was deine Wünsche für dieses Jahr zusammenfasst und dir als Inspiration sowie Wegweiser dient. Dieses Wort kann dir auch bei wichtigen Entscheidungen helfen. Wie das genau geht, erfährst du in dieser Episode.  Dies ist meine 50. Folge und ich bin sehr stolz darüber, dass meine Zuhörerschaft wächst und wächst.  Danke DIR für's Zuhören und Abonnieren des Podcasts!  

  • The Magic of Gemstones with Doris Hangartner - Episode 49 | English
    by Heidi Hauer on December 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    Gemstones are the heart & soul of some of the most exquisite jewelry in the world. Beyond that, they carry such an immense clarity, beauty and presence which can make our own essence shine brighter. Doris Hangartner is an accredited gemologist and private jeweler in the centre of Zurich. In this episode, she takes us on a mystical journey through the characteristics and symbolism of her favorite gems, including the Paraiba Tourmaline. For Doris, gemstones embody the grandeur of nature on a micro-scale, they help us to be more present, and resound with the harmony of an orchestra when placed together in the right way.  She shares with us her knowledge about how each gem has its own personality and, in this sense, can be matched to a person in a highly individualized fashion. Matching a gem to a person is one of her favourite elements of her mission. She hosts special evenings where she pairs gems with exquisite joys such as champagne or classical music. You will learn why gems make a great financial investment, why a deeper connection to a gem is something anybody can feel, and a whole lot more! Key Points: •  An introduction to Doris Hangartner, her education in gemology, and how she founded Doris Hangartner AG. •  The feeling that different gems exude and how they represent aspects of the human experience. •  Doris’ feelings about Paraiba Tourmaline, how it represents nature and connects to the Age of Aquarius. •  How Paraiba Tourmaline represents the four aggregate states of water. •  Different ways that gems connect people to a higher frequency or state of being. •  How gems are like people and have different personality traits and preferences. •  A description of gem-matching and its purpose to match people to gems they connect with. •  How gems that Doris has matched to clients are crafted into a jewelry piece of their choice. •  The evenings that Doris hosts where she matches gems with other exquisite joys such as champagnes or classical music. •  Why connecting to a gemstone is not an exclusive experience and is open to anybody. •  The benefits of being present and how wearing gemstones can help with this. •  Gems as an investment and why people should acquire them instead of other assets. •  How Doris found her passion after her brothers discovered a rock with gems inside it. •  Doris speaks about her mission of spreading knowledge about the essence of gems. •  A message from Doris to all the women in the world: dare to shine! Quotes:  “They are so vibrant, they are so uplifting, they bring something completely new to the world.” —  Doris Hangartner [0:03:53] “It’s unbelievable what you can see in a stone, which you can also see in nature and in real life. It is as if it is nature on a different scale.” — Doris Hangartner [0:07:52] “A gem, in my feeling, has the ability to put us in touch with something far greater.” — Doris Hangartner [0:12:39] “I very strongly believe that everyone can have a connection with stones. My wish is that everyone looks at their gemstones and starts finding a deeper meaning in them.” — Doris Hangartner [0:20:38]  Links: Book: GIA:

  • Divine Living with Meg Sylvester - Episode 48 | English
    by Heidi Hauer on December 14, 2021 at 8:39 pm

    Meg Sylvester is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Sound Healer, Spiritual Guide, a leader in the field of worthiness and the Divine Feminine, and author of The Body Positivity Journal. She helps others to activate their own healing capacity through embodied movement, soul clarity work, and more. Her online Kundalini-inspired membership, The Lotus Collective, has welcomed hundreds of students across the world to discover their truest selves. She once held a job in the corporate world, and although she was doing well financially, she was suffering from chronic fatigue, mild depression, migraines, and a constant ache for something more fulfilling. Rather than denying her feelings, she followed her intuition. Today, she is on a mission to support others on their own journeys to discovering inner peace and vitality. In this episode we discuss everything from the value of being curious, to forming an intuitive relationship with food, to the beauty of motherhood, and finally to the ultimate goal; how to live a life of divine guidance. Key Points: •  The experiences which motivated Meg to start her business, first in holistic health. •  Meg’s relationship with food, and how it connects to other areas of her life. •  The profound role that Kundalini yoga has played in Meg’s life. •  What the energy of surrender means to Meg. •  She explains what sound baths are, and the impact they can have on you. •  Healing powers of your own voice. •  How to live a life of divine guidance. •  Meg’s experience of motherhood. •  Feminine energy and its ability to change the world. Quotes: “[Food] is a tangible way for me to connect with my inner-knowing and my intuition.” — Meg Sylvester [0:07:42] “That ability to say yes to my curiosity has truly changed my life.” — Meg Sylvester [0:14:08] “[Kundalini yoga] gave me the space and the tools to witness my ego and the fears and to identify them and then to energetically move them out of my body.” — Meg Sylvester [0:16:37] “Whatever your mindfulness practice is, it’s got to be a dialogue between that moment of awareness and your life.” — Meg Sylvester [0:18:56] “Divinity is not something outside of ourselves, but within.” — Meg Sylvester [0:31:36] “Living a life that feels divinely guided is just knowing that every step is for you. You’ve just gotta tune into the wisdom of your heart and your soul and be audacious enough to say yes to it.” — Meg Sylvester [0:33:59] “Your intuition is so real. Please, please honor it.” — Meg Sylvester [0:36:12] Links: The Body Positivity Journal is available on amazon:

  • 5 things to get right during the festive season - Episode 47 | English
    by Heidi Hauer on November 23, 2021 at 4:00 am

    The festive season is nearly here! How are you feeling about it? Self-care is most powerful when it responds to what you are experiencing in the moment. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a couple of things to avoid so you can cultivate a state of peace during the advent season. 1. Curating happiness instead of chasing perfectionism Having some comfort and luxuries isn’t a bad thing, but be careful not to slip into control-mode and perfectionism. You don’t need all the perfectly dressed family singing around a perfectly decorated tree to make it extra special. Think about how you want to feel, and make space for it. 2. Mindfulness instead of worrying about the state of the world We are living through extraordinary times. What next year will bring is written in the stars. When you feel yourself future tripping and fearing the worst, practice the art of serenity. Consciously step away from the hullabaloo for a few minutes, hours or maybe even days. Turn your gaze to the good and the beautiful. Give more importance to the here & now, because the only way to positively influence the future is by consciously shaping the present. 3. Conscious enjoyment instead of overindulgence Even if gingerbread hearts, mulled wine and fondue make life worth living, be aware of the difference between feeling good and eating above your capacity. When we overindulge, we skip past the pleasurable feelings that these things can bring, and crash into lethargy and sometimes even sickness. 4. Selected social media detox instead of excessive media consumption In our modern lifestyles, many of us are absorbing information all throughout the day without even realising it. When our brain is overloaded with things it needs to rationalise, contemplation gets pushed out. Why not use this festive season to reconnect with the more reflective and creative parts of yourself? 5. Getting out into nature instead of home office cocooning  It’s super tempting to stay in your home office cocoon, but it’s not healthy. Walks in nature are excellent for your body, mind and soul. If despite all the good intentions, December gets too overwhelming, join me for the 21-day sugar-detox & meditation challenge starting on 2 January 2022:

  • Gewohnheiten als Erfolgsfaktor mit Eva Gruber - Episode 46 | Deutsch
    by Heidi Hauer on November 3, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    Eva Gruber ist Habit Coach und Mental Fitness Expertin. Sie unterstützt Unternehmer*innen, Manager*innen und Teams dabei Leistungen, Wohlbefinden, und Beziehungen zu verbessern. Wie? Durch die Gestaltung guter Gewohnheiten und einer starken mentalen Fitnesspraxis. Sie ist Co-Autorin des Buches ‘Creating Impact - change makers who overcame adversity to create a positive impact in the world’. Da nur eine aus fünf Personen ihr mentales Potenzial nutzt und rund 6 Stunden unseres Tages von unseren Gewohnheiten dominiert werden, ist die Optimierung von Gewohnheiten ein Game-Changer. Durch das Training von unterstützenden Routinen kann Leistung, insbesondere im gestressten Zustand, verbessert werden. Eva Gruber hat zwei Unternehmen gegründet und Hunderte von Menschen unterstützt. Sie ist Speakerin und erscheint als Expertin in Top-Magazinen wie Brainz Magazine. Sie lebt mit ihrem französischen Verlobten, ihrer Yogamatte und ihrem Abenteuergeist in Wien/Österreich. 💬 Vernetzen Sie sich mit Eva Gruber: ‣ ‣ ‣ Newsletter ‣ LinkedIn

  • Creating Simplicity and Living in Alignment with Debra Shepherd - Episode 45 | English
    by Heidi Hauer on October 12, 2021 at 6:51 am

    In this special episode, we welcome mentor, entrepreneur, podcaster, meaningful living explorer, and creator of the Simplicity Impact Formula, Debra Shepherd. Her mission is to inspire, empower, and support women to create more ease, joy, and meaning in their lives. Debra has more than 20 years of combined experience in media, communications, PR, and social media, and joins us today all the way from Australia! Through her signature framework, The Simplicity Impact Formula, she teaches high achieving online service professionals, coaches, and consultants how to create simplicity in their lives so that they can reconnect to their purpose, step into powerful harmony and be the joyful, radiant, purpose-driven leaders they are meant to be. Listen in for an amazing conversation with Debra on how to shift focus and live a fulfilled, purpose-driven life! Key Points: Debra shares how she became enlightened to the fact that there was more out there waiting for her. We hear about the two-part process she went through after injuring her arm, ultimately leading to her discovering the Simplicity Impact Formula. How Debra’s definition of success has changed over time and what she defines it as now. She talks about the challenges she underwent as she began to change the way she lived. How to recognise misalignment and some tips on how to get back; red flags, meditation, working out, and eating well. The role food plays in Debra’s everyday life; non-negotiables, intuitive eating, and leaving room between strictness. Debra shares on the cultivation of serenity and calmness; nature versus nurture and how we can implement stillness into our lives. Hear about her meditation recommendations and how she implements them into her daily life. More on her ‘Radiant & Purpose-Driven’ approach, based on her Simplicity Impact Formula. Tips on how to up your energy and center your mind. Debra shares her favourite part of being a podcaster; bringing her fulfilment and joy! Common themes or lessons that Debra sees while working with women. The importance of slowing down, creating space for yourself, and simply being. Debra’s message to the women of the world: you deserve more ease, joy, and meaning in your life. Quotes: “Today, success for me is about happiness and about having ease, joy, meaning, and fulfilment in my life.” — Debra Shepherd [0:07:17] “I think one of the most important things we can do is to really listen to our bodies and listen to what we need.” — Debra Shepherd [0:12:30] “It doesn’t matter how busy you are — everyone’s got five minutes to slow down.” — Debra Shepherd [0:13:55] “It’s really important that we nurture the number one relationship in our life — and that’s the one we have with ourselves.” — Debra Shepherd [0:22:15] Links: Debra Shepherd Debra Shepherd on LinkedIn Debra Shepherd on Instagram The Debra Shepherd Podcast Radiant, Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs Community Heidi Hauer

  • Meditation am Morgen mit Heidi - Episode 44 | Deutsch
    by Heidi Hauer on October 5, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    Diese geführte Morgenmeditation ist ideal für dich, wenn du wenig Zeit hast, dich aber trotzdem bewußt auf den Tag einstimmen möchtest. Nach einer kurzen Erklärung beginnt die Meditation um 00:50. In 7 Schritten stimmst du dich optimal auf den Tag ein: Durch tiefe Bauchatmung und der Methode des Body Scans trittst du in Kontakt mit deinem Körper. Indem du die Aufmerksamkeit auf dein Herz legst aktivierst du dein Herz-Chakra und damit eine unglaublich starke Kraft. Eine Dankbarkeits-Übung lenkt deinen Fokus auf das was gerade gut läuft in deinem Leben. Durch kurzes Sitzen in der Stille übst du die Fähigkeit präsent zu sein im Hier und Jetzt. Das bewußte Verbinden mit deinen Träumen erhöht die Chance, dass du passende Optionen zur Realisierung deiner Ziele auch tatsächlich wahrnehmen und für dich nutzen kannst. Prioritäten für den Tag festzulegen ist ganz wesentlich um konsequent an der Zielerreichung zu arbeiten. Durch das Setzen einer Intention steckst du den Rahmen ab in welchem du dich bewegen möchtest. Du entscheidest mit welcher Energiequalität du durch den Tag gehst. Über jeden dieser sieben Schritte gibt es unzählige Bücher. Diese Meditation bietet einen Schnelldurchlauf durch Methoden mit denen ich mich selbst jahrelange beschäftig habe. Wenn einer dieser sieben Schritte dir ganz besonders zusagt, melde dich direkt bei mir und wenn du möchtest, helfe ich dir bei der Vertiefung dieses Schrittes. Viel Freude beim Meditieren!

  • The New Roaring Twenties with Jessica Fellowes - Episode 43 | English
    by Heidi Hauer on September 14, 2021 at 3:00 am

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense hardship over the past year and a half, but out of crises, opportunity arises, as our guest today knows from all the time she has spent steeped in 1920’s archives. This has given her a hopeful outlook for the 21st century, and we all need some of her perspective in our lives! Jessica Fellowes is an author of 14 books, 5 of which were Downton Abbey companion books, and several of which made it onto the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller lists. Jessica has been writing for a long time, first as an employee and then as a freelancer, and she really loves her work (some parts more than others). Our conversation today covers a wide range of topics; from authenticity, to celebrity interviews, to the double-edged sword of ambition. Jessica also has a lot of wisdom to share around knowing your worth, not being taken advantage of professionally, and the benefits of planning backwards. Listen in today to get a glimpse into Jessica’s life; you’ll walk away with valuable insights. Key Points: Jessica talks us through her writing and editing process. Positive lifestyle changes that Jessica incurred as a result of her move from the country to the city. Challenges that lockdown presented to writers. Where Jessica’s interest in the between-the-wars era originated. How Jessica gains a deeper understanding of the era that she is writing about. The role that imagery plays in Jessica’s writing process. Advice from Jessica about how to approach authenticity in your writing. Parallels between the 1920’s and the 2020’s and Jessica’s thoughts about what our future might look like. Ways that the school system needs to change. Jessica’s stint as a celebrity interviewer, and how she feels about the experience. What Jessica wants her life to look like in 20 years time, and the value of planning backwards from there rather than the other way around. The double-edged sword of ambition. Jessica’s rule about payment, and the importance of honouring market value. Know your worth, especially as a woman. Elements that Jessica loves most about her work. Joy that Jessica’s dogs bring to her life. Advice from Jessica for humans in general, and women specifically. Quotes: “I like to build big image galleries of what I think my characters might have been wearing, what they might have looked like, what cars they were driving, what the street scene might have looked like.” — [0:10:17] “You have to bear in mind that there is no one true version of what happened in the past.” — [0:11:40] “I see the 2020’s as really being the beginning of how the 21st century is going to look. This is our opportunity to say, “This is how we want to do the rest of this century.”— [0:15:10] “Ambition is a good thing because it keeps you moving forward, but it can be a curse because you’re never satisfied.”— [0:23:57] “If you’re not getting paid in money you should be getting paid in something that is going to be of benefit to you.” — [0:26:39] Links: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: On my website:

  • Conscious Investing mit Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger - Episode 42 | Deutsch
    by Heidi Hauer on August 31, 2021 at 9:12 pm

    Wie nützt man Geld um Gutes zu tun? Conscious Investoren möchten pro-aktiv mit ihren Investments Positives bewirken, und dabei im Idealfall zu einem systemischen Wandel in Richtung regenerativer Wirtschaft beitragen. Im Buch ‘Conscious Investing’ bezeichnet Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, LL.M. diesen Zugang als ‘state of personal awareness and a form of impactful investing’ und erweitert somit den etablierten Begriff des ‘Impact Investing’. In dieser Podcast Folge erfahren wir warum Millennials mit den Empfehlungen von traditionellen Wealth Managern nicht zufrieden sind und es bevorzugen Werte wie Fairness, Equality und Climate Justice in ihre Investment-Entscheidungen einfließen zu lassen. Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, LL.M. betont, dass es sich bei Conscious Investments nicht um Philanthropie handelt. Mit nachhaltigen Investments können sehr attraktive Returns erzielt werden, u.a. weil kernregenerative Unternehmen häufig krisensicherer sind. Ihr unabhängiges Investment Beratungsunternehmens ‘Chi Impact Capital’ investiert in Unternehmen die langfristige Lösungen bereitstellen, um ‘burning issues’ zu lösen. Die bearbeiteten Themenfelder orientieren sich an den Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mehr über Chi Impact: Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, LL.M. ist Gründerin und CEO von Chi Impact Capital und setzt sich leidenschaftlich für eine regenerative, nachhaltige Wirtschaft ein. Sie verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung und zahlreiche Erfolge in den Bereichen Finanzdienstleistungen, Private Equity, Impact Investing und Sustainable Investing. Dr. Braak-Forstinger, LL.M. promovierte an der Harvard Law School (summa cum laude), absolvierte ihr Masterstudium an der Duke Law School und studierte davor Rechtswissenschaften und Betriebswirtschaft in Österreich. Sie ist Autorin, Key-Note-Speakerin, Jurorin und Universitätsdozentin für Impact Investing, und Mitbegründerin der preisgekrönten NGO Braveaurora, die seit 2009 in Nordghana aktiv ist. Ihre Freizeit verbringt Dr. Christin Braak-Forstinger am liebsten mit ihrer Familie in der Natur. Yoga und Meditation sind wichtige Tools für sie um Klarheit, Stärke und Balance zu erhalten.


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