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Tips For Starting A Side Hustle

A side hustle is something that can be done by pretty much anyone if you’re able to set your mind to it. There are lots of different businesses that started at some point as a side hustle and over the months or years of dedication in resources, have become successful companies. With that being said, whether you plan to make it a full-time income or just a bit more income every month, here are some tips for starting a side hustle.

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is important because it’s necessary to figure out what ideas are going to be best for your side hustle. A side hustle might seem good in your head but when you lay out any and all requirements for the side hustle in question, you might not have the skills or knowledge. There will likely be many ideas that you have but there needs to be one that stands out and passes all the relevant research and reservations that you have when it comes to taking that idea further.

Before you go spending any money or dedicating any time to the side hustle itself, it’s essential to work out what is going to be the best option for you and what you can create with the resources and current knowledge you have.

Prioritize Your Time

Prioritizing your time is an important part of running a side hustle because it’s just that, a side hustle. You don’t have all the time in the world when you’re already in a full-time or part-time job. That means you have to be good at organizing yourself to get the tasks that are needed to be done.

If you’re not someone that’s particularly good at keeping organized, then you may want to look at using different tools or platforms to help with time organization. Platforms like Trello and Asana are free to use and can be great for organizing yourself and hopefully others involved in the side hustle as it grows.

If you’re attempting to do Airbnb management with spare property or rooms then OptiNest is useful as a tool.

Start Small With Investment

Investment into your side hustle is a given but how much you spend on this investment will depend on what is needed to start up that hustle to begin with. Some are going to require thousands, where some may only require a couple of hundred if that. It’s all about figuring out how much you need and dedicating time to saving those funds if you haven’t already.

With some side hustles, you may trust the idea enough to borrow money from the bank or pitch to investors to see if there’s a business opportunity from the get-go. This is unlikely but is worth a shot if it’s something that you feel would be a good thing to do.

Start small though when it comes to investing your own money and don’t get carried away with purchasing too much at once.

Set Goals

It’s important to set goals because that’s how you progress and grow in whatever you’re doing. For example, you might want to grow your client list to a certain amount over the space of a year. Or perhaps you’re looking to make X amount of money within the first few months of your side hustle up and running.

Goals are good both in short-term and long-term. They also compliment each other and assist you in your timeline to take your side hustle from what it is to what it could be. It’s up to you what you want from your side hustle. For some, it’s extra funds and a side project that remains that way. For others, it’s an opportunity to make it into something super successful.

Remember Why You Started

The best way of helping your side hustle grow is to remember why you started. There will likely be many bumps and struggles in the road to success. With a side hustle, success doesn’t come overnight and so it’s important to spend time on what’s necessary but to not put so much pressure on yourself when things aren’t progressing as quickly as you hoped.

Side hustles take time to grow and if they are meant to be successful, they will do eventually. Patience is important when having a side hustle, so be patient. Starting a side hustle isn’t for everyone but if you have been thinking of starting one, then start now. It’s better to start today than to put it off any longer.


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