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Hiring Seasonal Workers:

Important Things To Consider And Do 

There are many reasons you might consider hiring seasonal workers for your business, whether you need help with the harvesting for your farm business, extra hands at Christmas time or for handling summer tourists. It is essential to put as much thought into making seasonal hires as you would to permanent ones. They will reflect on your business and have a significant impact on your success during busy seasonal periods.  

There are some extra duties and practicalities to consider when hiring seasonal workers. It is important to do your homework before you go ahead.  

Update Your Job Description 

Review and update your job description each time you need to hire seasonal workers – don’t copy and paste past adverts. Include changes to the role since the last time you hired for it. Be clear with your expectations for workers. Have your hiring team shadow an employee in the relevant department to ensure they understand the role.  

Know How Many People You Need 

If you haven’t hired seasonal workers before, carefully consider how much help you need. Ask your employees for their input. If you have hired seasonal workers before, consider changes to demand and output when deciding how many to hire.  

Tap Into The Right Candidate Pools 

Choose candidate pools that will be interested in seasonal work, such as college students. Consider overseas workers who temporarily migrate for seasonal work. Avoid advertising to candidates looking for permanent employment.  

Re-Hire Past Seasonal Workers 

Keep in touch with past seasonal workers who did good work to cut down on the expense of finding and training new employees. Send out a mass email offering the roles before you offer them to new candidates.  

Consider The Potential Of Your Seasonal Hires 

If you hire a seasonal worker who goes above and beyond, consider making them permanent. Evaluate all seasonal employees at the end of their contract to see if any have permanent potential. Internally flag any employees you don’t want to invite back.  

Stay On The Right Side Of Immigration Law 

If hiring migrant workers, ensure they have the correct documentation. Find a local immigration lawyer to provide expertise. Ensure they have experience in all areas of immigration law and state-specific laws. For an example of the quality to look for, see 

Give Seasonal Workers Excellent Training 

If you want your seasonal workers to reflect well on your business, provide thorough training. Ensure they understand your practices, policies and products. Train seasonal workers the same way you do permanent employees.  

Ask For Referrals From Current Employees 

Ask your team to recommend friends or family for seasonal roles. Offer a small bonus for any successful hire. Internal referrals can cut the cost of recruiting.  

Target Your Advertising 

Advertise in places that seasonal workers will see. Use international sites and jobs boards for temporary and seasonal work. Place advertisements around local colleges.  

Start Hiring Early 

Start the hiring process six months before the start date. Hiring the best talent takes time; avoid making rushed decisions.  


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