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Business Growth Essentials:

How To Make Your Brand More Visible

There are millions of businesses vying for the attention of customers and clients across the UK and beyond. As a company owner, one of the most significant challenges is to get your brand noticed. If you’re on a mission to grow and expand, and you’re keen to attract new clients and boost retention rates, this guide is packed with helpful tips to make your brand more visible.

Enhancing your website

Online sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and we are spending more time on our tablets, laptops and smartphones than ever before. Consumers are buying more products online, but they are also using the Internet to research, find recommendations and gather information about local retailers, businesses and services. Your website plays a crucial role in lead generation and it can make the difference between enticing customers and losing out to competitors.

If your existing site is drab or dull, the content is sparse or bland, or the pages are slow to load, now is the time to invest in a new and improved site. Think of your website as a storefront. The aim is to encourage customers to want to find out more, to get in touch or to make a purchase. If you don’t have expertise in web design, it’s worth contacting a reputable agency like Creative Jam and designing a new site that will appeal to your target client and showcase your brand in the best possible light. Your site should be mobile-friendly, visually appealing and filled with useful, interesting, memorable content. It’s an excellent idea to switch up content types and include video clips and images, as well as text. Include a clear call to action on landing pages and make sure product pages feature detailed but succinct descriptions and high-quality photographs and videos. Use analytics to collect and evaluate data and try to highlight and address any weak points, which could be contributing to cart abandonment or customers leaving the site. 


Increasing traffic

Once you have a fantastic website, the next step is to make sure that customers who have a genuine interest in your products and services can locate it. SEO (search engine optimisation) is an incredibly effective marketing technique, which harnesses the power and reach of search engines to drive traffic. Google alone now processes more than 60,000 searches per second. The goal is to reach the top of page 1. If your links don’t appear when a web user searches for products or services related to your brand, you could be missing out. 

If you don’t have expertise in SEO or digital marketing, it’s wise to explore the option of outsourcing. Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution, which enables you to access skills you don’t have in-house by working with external agencies or individuals on a freelance basis. With a tailored, targeted SEO campaign, you can boost lead generation, encourage people to visit your website and check your brand out on social media and increase sales. 

Giving your brand a human side

Studies suggest that consumers are much more likely to buy from brands they interact with online. Consumers want to get to know brands, and they’re more eager than ever to buy from businesses that align with their values. Research shows that over 90% of consumers now buy from brands they follow on social apps. Social media has evolved and it offers businesses incredible opportunities to build relationships with customers and give their brand a human side. Use social channels to show clients and prospective buyers and shoppers what your business is all about, share news and updates and communicate and engage with followers. 

If you’re new to social media, or you haven’t posted much in the past, it’s an excellent idea to drum up interest and create a buzz by running a competition or a promotion. Encourage your followers to share posts and tag friends and family. This will increase your follower numbers and enable you to introduce your brand to new customers. 

More and more brands are featuring their customers in their marketing and sales campaigns. If you own a clothing brand, for example, you may have been thinking about using models or influencers to promote your collection. While this can be an effective ploy, it’s also advisable to consider using photographs and stories shared by customers who have bought your products to inspire others to follow suit. Use surveys and market research to see what your customers would like to see on your social feeds.

Word of mouth and online reviews

Many of us ask for advice and recommendations when we are searching for businesses or looking for products. Word of mouth still has a crucial role to play, but it has evolved from talking in the street or the corner shop to sharing reviews and feedback online. More than 90% of us now check reviews before buying products or contacting a business. If you’re keen to get your brand noticed, it’s essential to encourage customers to share their experiences and provide feedback. If your business has a positive rating online, you stand a much better chance of attracting new customers and standing out in the crowd. Contact loyal clients and ask them to recommend you to others and review products and services, encourage new customers to tell their friends and family about you and offer a reward for those who take the time to fill in surveys or leave comments on your social pages. 

Reviews can help you gain a competitive advantage, but critically, they can also provide an insight into how your customers view the business. Take ideas and suggestions on board and try to act promptly if clients raise concerns or make complaints. You might find that the reviews inspire you to extend opening hours, offer a wider range of delivery or collection options or hire extra members of staff during busy periods, for example. 

Do you have grand plans to grow your business? If so, you may be looking to expand your client base and boost sales. Making your brand more visible can help you create a buzz, attract new customers and encourage loyal clients to stick with you. Take these tips on board to get people talking. 



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