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FAO Garage Owners:

Boost Your Profits By Reducing Your Overheads

Don’t be a spanner, make these changes today

While commercial garages are one of the few sectors that were able to continue to operate during the pandemic, most mechanics have been hit hard. COVID-19 has changed our lives, and many people still drive fewer miles than before due to Work From Home schemes and changing lifestyles. 

Many professional mechanics find themselves faced with less frequent visits from clients. This is because their vehicles encounter reduced wear and tear. If your revenue has fallen, your expenses must do the same. Here are four simple areas where you can streamline for success.

1| Focus On Local Marketing

By now, you will appreciate the fact that digital marketing has a huge role to play in your efforts. However, as a garage business, you must remember that virtually all of your work will come courtesy of the local demographic. Your campaigns must reflect this.

Understanding the difference between local and organic SEO tactics will serve you well. Likewise, you should go the extra mile to appreciate Google My Business listings. When coupled with social media campaigns that target people in your town or city, there will be far less waste. And you won’t lose any conversions.

Offline marketing is still important. Posters and flyers will be two very important factors.

2| Get Cheaper Parts

Times are tough for a lot of people. As such, many of your clients will be looking for the most affordable solutions to their problems. Consequently, then, your ability to source quality parts at cheaper rates can be key. It allows you to pass on the savings and still gain a good profit.

The key is to balance cost with quality because inferior works will lead to damaged reputations. Discover the range of Scorpion exhausts for MINIs to see how it’s possible to strike it right. Also, setting up long-term partnerships with manufacturers of bolts and similar items can earn a discount.

We have become accustomed to seeking better value in our personal lives. Do it at work too.

3| Tighten The Operational Costs

Car parts and products aren’t the only costs you’ll encounter at your garage. Everything from energy rates to insurance can significantly increase your costs. Therefore, it’s vital that you learn to stop wasting funds in this way.

Running price comparisons for cheaper electricity, insurance, or Verisure security can work wonders. Likewise, you should pay attention to issues like your telephone contract. You could be wasting hundreds by paying for more data and more calls than you actively need. Similar problems can develop in relation to web hosting or graphic design.

Finally, if you hire any workers, ensuring that they provide value for money is key.

4| Avoid Wasted Time

Time is money. In truth, learning to utilise it in the most effective way is arguably the greatest single upgrade you’ll ever make. It can allow you to see more clients while simultaneously reducing errors. The outcome is a better business model.

As with any company, your garage must appreciate the benefits of strong communication. As well as keeping your team working on the same page, you must consider the clients. Using SMS reminders will help reduce ‘no shows’ or late appointments. With fewer delays, your company will be in a position to thrive.

Better still, a smooth operation means a better client experience. Loyalty should follow.


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