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Success in Assessment Management –

BWAM Launches A 6 Month Accelerator For Women Of Color In The Industry

Now more than ever, there are opportunities for those new to the assessment management industry to build a solid foundation on which to succeed. Indeed, (BWAM) Black Women in Asset Management now offers a 6-month accelerator via blended learning. Of course, there are many other important foundations to success in assessment management to consider too. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Learn from others 

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of success is to learn from others. That’s not to say that you need to copy other people’s processes, indeed, it’s vital that you don’t do this. Instead, understanding how insecurity works, and how your strengths and weaknesses fit within this can make all the difference. 

The good news is that there is plenty of help and support out there for those at the beginning of their assessment management journey too. Including the 6 month accelerator mentioned above, as well as a range of other courses and mentorship programs that can help position you for success later on. 

Stay ahead of the game 

Assessment management is a field that is evolving all the time. This means to be successful you must stay in the shade of the game and know and understand the current trends. 

In particular, this means using resources like the Wayne Blazejczyk ASIC blog to track the latest news in asset management. Indeed, following a select few experts in this way can be invaluable to your strategy over the long term. 

Additionally, staying ahead of industry trends in tech such as getting training in Python can make all the difference to your success. After all, if you add more string to your bow, you will find it easier to both get the best posts and be successful when holding them. 

Know yourself 

Assessment mange is a career in which it is vital that you know and understand yourself well. This means being familiar with your weaknesses and well your strengths and being able to address and integrate these into your daily work life. 

To help with this, some of the most successful asset managers use a coach or a therapist to reflect on these things, as well as to come up with strategies to improve and integrate them. 

Your processes matter 

As an asset manager the processes you use when dealing with investments matter. It is your processes that protect you from loss. With that in mind, sticking to your processes when you’re in the midst of a deal is vital. 

Although reviewing and refining them once the deal is over can also be a particularly useful tool to help promote further success. Indeed, a post-mortem of what worked well and what went wrong can help you from making substantial losses the next time around. Some managers even like to perform a pre-mortem. That is they assess the potential risks and threats before they even take the deal on. This is something that can help them make the most profitable decisions and minimize the risks involved with their choices. 



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