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Pandemic Lessons

What Can Your Business Learn From The Pandemic?

This year has been incredibly difficult for all kinds of businesses across the world, in just about all industries. Businesses that have been best prepared to adapt to these challenges have been able to recover the best now that furlough is ending and businesses are reopening. Throughout the pandemic, businesses have had to make a lot of changes and learn quickly in order to survive. Some of these lessons can be used well after the pandemic is over to help your business to be more efficient, productive, and successful in the future. What can your business learn from COVID-19?

Make Use Of Virtual Tools

As businesses all around the world have had to close, businesses have had to find new ways to keep in touch with their employees, customers, and clients, even while they can’t be in the same place. Experts like Wayne Blazejczyk ASIC have been guiding businesses on how to do this and how to learn from the challenges. 

Most businesses have turned to virtual services to help them. Whether you’re holding meetings over Skype or Zoom, work on shared documents on Google Drive, or make use of cloud virtual services, there are plenty of tools available that will be useful when you reopen your premises. 

For example, if people working from home hasn’t caused issues with productivity, then you could look at continuing to offer options for remote work when your premises are open again. With cloud documents, virtual meeting rooms, and secure VPNs, your staff can be productive while still being flexible if they need to be at home, such as to care for an unwell child. 

You could also save money by dropping parts of your office and going online. For example, if you don’t have clients or customers who are coming to the office anymore, then do you need a reception? A virtual reception is cheaper than in-house staff. 

Make Digital A Priority

Businesses that already had a strong presence online found it much easier than businesses that have had to scramble to get their digital options ready. 

All businesses need a website. Keep basic information like your contact details, opening hours, and location obvious. Your website must be easy to use, and show what you do and who you are as a brand. 

An eCommerce platform is also useful to have. Being ready and able to sell online has allowed some businesses to survive. When you are able to reopen, selling online gives you another way to sell your products and earn more profit. 

If you don’t sell online, you still need to make sure that your clients and customers can easily get in touch with you. Some people like to contact companies online, rather than make a phone call. Make sure you are present and active on social media. You need someone to respond quickly to comments, questions, or complaints that come up on your social channels. A chatbot for common questions, such as delivery tracking, can be useful on your website too. 


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