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Move Offices?

Is It Time to Move to a Smaller Office?

As you grow your business, moving to a larger business might seem like a natural progression. However, it can also sometimes make sense to move to a smaller office. There could be several reasons to consider doing this. Perhaps you’re downsizing your business to save money. Or perhaps you have recently transitioned to having a number of your employees working remotely, so you no longer need to have as many available desks in your office. You could move to somewhere smaller so you don’t have too much spare space or you might move to a hot-desking or shared desk model to accommodate people coming in at different times. But is moving to a smaller office right for you?

Your Current Office Is Too Expensive

One of the major reasons for moving your office might be that you can no longer afford to pay for your current office space. This could happen for a number of reasons. Your rent or other expenses might have gone up, making it difficult to cover your monthly costs. If your business is having some difficulty, you could also be thinking about downsizing your office to make it easier to survive. Or you might just want to save some money to help your business grow.

You Don’t Need As Much Space

There are a few reasons your business might not need as much space anymore. Maybe you have recently let go of some staff to downsize your team, and you no longer need as many desks. Many businesses have also moved to at least partial remote working recently. This usually means that you don’t need as much space because even if people come into the office, it’s not all at the same time. Moving to a smaller office makes complete sense if you no longer need one the size of your current space.

You Can Make Use of Storage Space

Storage space can be a good alternative to having a larger office. A storage unit or some warehouse space can allow you to store inventory or other items. If you’re moving to a smaller office, you should also take the time to learn more about how movers can help you move things to storage spaces too. You don’t need to have a larger office simply to store things. It could cost you a lot more to have a larger office than it would to have a small office and a separate storage space to use.

You Want to Connect with Others

A slightly different reason for moving to a smaller office might be because of the benefits a change of location could offer your business. Moving to a smaller office might mean that you’re better able to connect to the local community and to other businesses. For example, you might consider an office in a coworking space or offices that provide communal facilities. A change of location could be good for your employees too, shortening their commute.

Moving to a smaller office can be the right choice. Think about how it could benefit your business to decide if it makes sense.


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