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Side Hustle

Side Hustles To Make You Some Extra Money

Are you wanting to find a way to make a bit of extra cash on the side? Having a side hustle can compliment your income and make you slightly more comfortable. With a side hustle, you will be able to put more money aside for the things you enjoy in life, like holidays for example. 

Let’s take a look at a few side hustle options that you could start doing. 


When you decide to be a freelancer you really can do anything you like. If you are interested in T-shirt design you could do that as a side hustle. You can join sites and list your interests and then customers and clients can message you with any jobs they wish you to complete. You can set your own prices and time scales so you don’t have anyone dictating to you how long it must take you to complete tasks. 

If you enjoy writing you can join a blogger outreach site and type on the side, again you can choose how much you do, it is usually set in how many words you want to type a day.

Be aware as a freelancer you are classed as self-employed, it is your responsibility to manage your own taxes.


Another option for a side hustle is to become a childcarer. You can set your own availability depending on when you are free. You can choose what days you work and what times you work. For example, you can just choose to work in the mornings or the evenings. There are many options when it comes to child care, you can become a nanny or a childminder. A nanny works in the family’s home and a childminder works in their own home, looking after many different children.

You could also become a tutor and help kids after school or in the evenings with homework or help them work towards their exams. 


If you have an interest in photography, why not make it a side hustle? At least you will be doing something you enjoy and you can make money from it. You can choose who you want to work with, for instance, you can do family shoots, wedding shoots, or all types of photography. Photography is a very lucrative business and can earn you a lot of money on the side. Be sure to have a great website advertising your photography. Ensure you have a review page on your website so people can find you and know that you’re good at what you do. 


Finally, if you have a talent for art, why not make it into a side hustle? You can paint or draw and sell these pictures to people who want to buy them for a nice tidy profit. You could even find an art gallery with an opening for a local artist to display your artwork. This will get more people interested in your art and more sales. You could also advertise on social media and have a page on there for people wanting to look at your artwork.

If you need to keep your artwork safe and store it for when you come to sell it you can now purchase flat pack shipping containers. These will protect your artwork while they are in storage. 


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