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Spreading The Word:

How To Promote Your New Business

One of the most pressing tasks to tackle when you launch a new venture is to spread the word and let customers know that you are open for business. In this guide, we’ll explore some effective techniques you can employ to promote your new business and get people talking. 

Working with marketing experts

Whether you are targeting consumers or business customers, it is wise to consider outsourcing digital marketing or working with experts to get strategies and campaigns up and running. If you have limited knowledge of digital methods, or you don’t have in-house marketing executives, research companies, read reviews and testimonials and look for a B2B marketing agency or a firm that specializes in your industry or sector. Get to know representatives and analyze service packages and fees before you make any decisions and look for agencies that align with your values and offer a bespoke service. 

Enhancing your online presence

Digital marketing plays an increasingly influential role in promoting businesses, even those that don’t sell online. Using techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing and PPC, businesses can attract customers, reach wider audiences and gain traction among target groups and demographics. Working with experienced agencies or freelancers, you can design strategies and campaigns that target your ideal customer, enhance brand awareness and drive traffic. Even if you have a small business and you don’t sell products online, you can generate a buzz around your brand online. Local SEO is increasingly important for businesses that provide services, for example. Statistics show that over 80% of smartphone users will contact or visit a business within 24 hours of conducting a local search. 

Organising events

Events are an excellent way to introduce your business to customers and create contact networks. From product launches and presentations to store, restaurant or bar openings and virtual gatherings, many businesses can benefit from planning events. Think carefully about the guest list, and if you are limited in terms of space or numbers, consider live streaming or post updates on social media. Use your event to showcase your products or services, build relationships with prospective buyers or customers and tell people all about your story and how the brand came to be. Ask guests to leave their contact details and follow up leads. 

Flyers and press adverts

If you are launching a new business, and you are targeting local customers, it’s an excellent idea to combine digital marketing methods, such as local SEO and social media advertising with conventional techniques, including posting flyers and advertising in local newspapers and magazines. Make sure adverts and flyers contain useful information about your services and your contact details, and consider adding an incentive, for example, a discount for new customers. 

If you are preparing to launch a new business, one of the most important tasks to cross off your list is to shout it from the rooftops and let people know that you’re open and you’re ready to start taking orders or bookings. There are several ways to promote your business, and it pays to select techniques based on your target customer, your budget and the type of company you own. Seek expert advice, streamline your strategy to generate high-quality leads and enhance your online presence to capitalize on the reach and popularity of search engines and social media. 



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