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What are the Best Apps for Businesses?

If you’re running a business today, chances are you are using apps and software to communicate with your teams and keep everyone on the same page. This has become ubiquitous in recent years, and it’s opened up new areas of competition for apps and software developers. So, who are the best developers, and what apps should you be using for your business? 

In this article, we take a look at the best apps for bookkeeping, point of sale, payroll, project management, and video conferencing. Some of the apps on the list won’t surprise you – they are hands-down the best, and you probably use them already, but you might be surprised to find one or two that catch your interest. 

Best for Bookkeeping 

When it comes to the numbers in your business, you can’t afford to mess about. Understanding the margins and limitations of your business helps you make smarter decisions daily that contribute to higher revenue and better growth. These days you don’t need to hire an independent accountant; you can use a convenient app to give you a Friendly Reminder.  

The best app on the market for business bookkeeping is Quickbooks. Since Quickbooks is the industry leader for accounting software – especially for small businesses – it’s easy to find an accountant and platforms that join up with it. It is also an affordable option that gives you a discount for the first three months.   

Best for Point of Sale

A business wouldn’t get very far without some point of sale technology, and the expectations for these services are increasing. Customers now expect their point of sale service to be frictionless and user-friendly; any delays could cost you a sale or a customer. Efficient POS is also necessary for quality SEO. 

The trouble is that POS varies for different businesses and industries. A restaurant business will require a different system to an e-commerce business, for instance. Square software is the best choice because it is fully flexible and operates across multiple platforms – it also offers a free plan to get started. 

Best for Payroll 

Another vital feature of your business is payroll; you need to pay your employees on time and in full to retain their services and keep them motivated. Again, this process can be easier and more reliable when choosing the best apps to support you. In this case, the best payroll app is Gusto. 

Gusto is a fully integrated payroll app that eliminates the need for conventional HR employees. Instead, each employee can set up an account with you through Gusto and track all their payroll information in their own time. This software makes it easier to track wages and organizes everything for tax purposes. 

Best for Project management 

Organizing the business and paying employees is one half of running a business, the other half is successfully running projects during working hours. There are also apps and software that help to integrate your teams and deliver better results regardless of the industry you operate in. The best app for this is called Asana.  

Asana allows you to assign and track unlimited projects, so regardless of the size and nature of your business, you can narrow the project down and allow relevant teams to work on them independently until completion. This improves project management across all departments. In addition, with Asana, everything is operated from a single dashboard with unlimited file storage.   

Best for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was once a luxury in the business environment, but with more remote work nowadays and multiple locations, it has become an essential part of day-to-day operations. Zoom and Slack are video conferencing and messaging platforms that are efficient and secure; it’s possible to use one or both to improve your business communication systems. 

In the last few years, Zoom has taken the lead as the best business conferencing software. Available as software and an app, Zoom is a reliable platform with tons of useful features, such as breakout rooms, to make your conference more dynamic. Similarly, Slack is an excellent messaging service to keep your colleagues connected and updated on projects.  


The business world has changed significantly in the last few years – even before the dynamic changes that occurred during the pandemic. The growth of digital workstations and the emergence of new technologies and prompted businesses to keep up with the pace of change or get left behind. 

One of the main trends is the shift from conventional working patterns to integrating alternative technologies that weren’t originally meant for business purposes. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a business operating without the use of Zoom and secure messaging apps, but these are basics; there is now a world of innovative apps for your business.   



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