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Ways to Promote Teamwork in Your Work Team

The workspace has been a little fragmented since returning from working from home. Team members have to get to know each other all over again and have to learn how to work with each other again. If you’re having trouble getting your team to work well together again, there are some things you can do. Take a look at our ideas for teambuilding.


A workplace uniform that is attractive and comfortable can boost morale and self-esteem. Workers will feel like one of a collective, making it easier to share ideas and collaborate on projects. Team members will feel like they belong and that they are all equal. In turn this will increase productivity. 

Plus, it has the added perk of marketing your company wherever your staff go in the working day.  A clear and comfortable logo will be seen by everyone your employees see, so it is especially useful if you are in the retail or service industry. 

It can be a simple change, like having the company logo embroidered onto t-shirts. You can find everything from aprons to babywear from Screen Textiles, who offer screen printing, embroidery, and vinyl printing to pretty much any piece of clothing you can think of. 

Goals and challenges

To boost morale and encourage good work from your employees, it is vital to recognize good work. The awarded employee and the rest of the team will appreciate any thanks given for their work, prompting them to continue. 

A rewards system is the natural step up from a spoken “thanks” that may well be forgotten after a day. Bonuses and rewards will offer thanks to employees going above and beyond. You can award for anything, from surpassing a goal or going out of their way to help the new guy. 

There are a lot of options to choose from, including company swag, gift cards and cash bonuses. Company swag can be anything with the company logo to instill pride, like socks, notebooks, and t-shirts. Gift cards will be appreciated as a way to thank employees by allowing them to try out the local restaurants or contribute to their weekly shop, but the most widely acclaimed would be a bonus to allow employees to use as they wish. 

Teambuilding trip

A teambuilding trip will do exactly what it says on the tin: build a team. You can give your employees a fun, mental health break that will allow them to recharge together. This in turn will create bonding opportunities, and foster creativity in your team, all of which will turn into extra productivity in the office. 

You can go into the country for a glamping experience. Host a company festival, with food and music and cheer. Hire a live band or two, set a theme and get some outdoor activities going to make everyone work together and you’ve got an experience they’ll never forget.

You can even make the trip advantageous for your company. If you have a product you want to get out there, you can host your company festival but invite potential investors, customers, bloggers, and journalists. 


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