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VOIP for Start Ups

Why Startup Businesses Need A VoIP Provider

Whether you’re operating a large corporation or a startup business, communication is at the heart of great business practices. You may be asking why you can’t just use a WhatsApp or Skype interface. If so, the answer is that they don’t present a professional front to your customers. You may not need to pay anything to use apps like Skype, but it doesn’t speak to professionalism. With this in mind, we turn our focus onto Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers. Throughout this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about VoIP and why you need it in your startup business. 

What is a VoIP Provider?

A VoIP phone service will allow you to make normal phone calls over the internet instead of the phone line. You will be given a virtual phone number, which will be the number displayed to customers. Usually, you will get tons of features included from your provider including instant messaging services and file sharing. For international calls, VoIP is certainly the cheaper option for you. 

Your Options

Typically, there are two types of VoIP providers. You can opt for a cloud-based service or an on-premise solution. As you can imagine, cloud-based options are the most efficient for startup businesses. Integrating a cloud-based platform early on will be more cost-effective. However, you will sacrifice some security features. This being said, you can guarantee that any VoIP provider will encrypt your data end to end. 

Google is well known and has a great VoIP (Google Voice). However, they are notorious for dropping services and leaving businesses in a frenzy to migrate to other services. Luckily, there are plenty of Google voice alternatives. For example, OpenPhone’s solution will unify your entire communication infrastructure. This means that you can keep in touch with your employees as well as put on a professional front to your clients. You can find some great Google voice alternatives if you follow the link. 

Why Use A VoIP Provider?

There are many reasons why it’s worth using a VoIP provider.

Remote Access

Back in 2019, we all used to work in an office and take for granted the ability to walk over to colleagues and relay a message. However, after Covid-19 swept the globe and forced much of the world to work at home, the need for an effective communication system is essential. Using a VoIP provider will open up the world to you. If you have project managers in Singapore and a workforce in America, you don’t need to worry. All you need is a compatible device and an internet connection. Typically, your entire workforce will be able to use your chosen VoIP provider to keep in touch and collaborate on work.  


Being a startup, your primary goal is to grow your business. With that in mind, as you grow, your VoIP will be scaled simultaneously, and you don’t need to install any expensive hardware or extra software. When you need to add new phone lines, you can communicate with your VoIP and usually be ready to go within minutes. 


In the beginning, you need to crunch the numbers tightly. Therefore, using VoIP will be an extremely cost-effective means of communicating. You won’t need to pay extra to call internationally, there’s very little equipment involved, and you can hold conference calls for free. For the most part, you will pay a minimal installation charge alongside a subscription of around $10. Investing this money is a better option than using WhatsApp. After all, a professional customer face makes up a large part of the reputation you will earn. 


As mentioned previously, you need to portray a professional front to the outside world. Having VoIP will take care of that for you. Having a professional landline number to call from will make you appear grander than you are, which will instill faith in your customers. Even if you don’t have the manpower, you can make it appear that you do. For example, some VoIP providers come with the power of an IVR menu, even if it’s only you picking up calls. 

Full of Features

As well as an IVR menu, VoIP providers come packed with other features to get your money’s worth. Some of the most basic features include call recording, voicemail, call forwarding, and email. These features all let you take control of your business. Further, some VoIP providers will include call reporting to let you track growth across your business. 

Communication is important in all businesses. For startups, portraying a professional face to clients is important for nurturing growth. With VoIP, you will be paying a small subscription and be able to call from a “landline” number. All you will need to get started is a compatible device and a solid internet connection. Whether you need to make international calls or create an automated waiting list, you should use a VoIP provider for your startup. 


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