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Three Ways To Secure Your Business

No matter whether your business premises consist of a few warehouses, a small office, or a multi-story building, it’s crucial that they’re safe and secure. Maintaining them securely not only makes them a good place to work, but it can also help crack down on possible theft. Learn how to keep your business premises safe. 

Invest In Security

Having on-site security might not be a good idea for every firm, however, if you have a relatively large office building or warehouse, or if you sell high-value products then having on-site security could make sense. The advantages of having a security team include several options for using it. Monitoring who enters and leaves the site, performing regular walkabouts of the site, removing potential threats, responding to alarms, protecting inventory and employees, and conducting overnight surveillance are some of the functions that can be performed by security guards. This can either be done externally or by hiring people to join an in-house team. You should also think about a sturdy gate from BSW Timber

CCTV Cameras

Having something like surveillance cameras installed at your business premises is a brilliant way to protect your business premises. As well as deterring burglars, they help to lower costs such as insurance. A security camera installation could definitely be worthwhile for your business premises. In addition to protecting your equipment, stock, and on-site holdings, it gives your employees a sense of security as well. It is also a brilliant deterrent for internal theft, although no one likes to think about it. Security camera systems may even let you view live footage on devices such as tablets so that you can check for problems when you’re not in the office, and you can also check to see if the alarm was triggered for a reason before contacting the appropriate authorities. 

Think About Security Training 

The company handbook should have a section on security that everyone must be familiar with when it comes to security in the workplace. The training can include anything from how to deal with visitors on site to make sure your ID badge is visible at all times, arriving and leaving the building properly, following company rules regarding mobile phones, understanding office rules and regulations to how to behave during a fire drill. If you make sure your staff receives security training regularly, you are well on your way to maintaining a safe and secure workplace. Another way to keep on top of security is to ensure that relevant documentation is available to prove that training has been completed. You can also have keyholder agreements in place so that anyone with keys for the site signs to say they are responsible for them. 

How else can you keep the premises of your business safe and secure? Comment below and let us know. 



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