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Employee Engagement

More Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement in the UK is one of the leading causes of productivity loss and high turnover rates. Indeed, only 1 in 5 employees feel engaged in the workplace, which is a source of worry for employers. As team morale plays a significant role in employee engagement, HR professionals recommend taking steps that can foster a positive company culture:

  • Recognising employees’ achievements and validating their efforts. Employees can feel disengaged when their work goes unnoticed. 
  • Offering a sense of purpose through company values that delivers a common goal for the team. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that having a common goal doesn’t replace the need for setting individual targets for each employee. 
  • Providing empathic and experienced leadership that can motivate, inspire, and reassure employees. 

But HR improvements are only one of the many factors that can affect engagement. Office layout and decor can nurture employee well-being and create the stimuli the team needs to engage. 

Good Communication

Good communication can make or break your employees’ experiences. It is an excellent idea to have a good way to communicate your plans to your employees so that they can understand what you expect from them and be able to reach out to you if there are any concerns. Installing intranet software on company devices is an excellent idea for increasing communication and decreasing confusion regarding work-related topics. Not only will good communication help improve employee retention, but it will also keep your employees happy and decrease problems at work.

Fresh and exciting decor ideas

Google has a reputation for designing cool and whacky offices. Yet, there’s more than a sense of fun that goes into the decor. Indeed, Google worked closely with architect Clive Wilkinson specialising in the connection between interior spaces and human psychology. Wilkinson argues that people feel disconnected because the workplace dictates an emotionally aseptic environment. Therefore, the role of decorating contractors needs to evolve to help design workspace areas for every creative and productive mood. 

Unbeatable breaking rooms

How often does an employee take a break? Office policy and office reality differ greatly. Indeed, while the policy recommends frequent breaks from the screen and the desk, employees are reluctant to leave their desks. The UK office lacks a healthy break culture that makes relaxation a valuable part of a productive day at work. As a result, overworked and stressed-out individuals struggle to engage. The introduction of strategically designed break rooms can encourage employees to recharge throughout the day. Google leads the way again with creative and relaxing environments. Their break room in the Dublin-based office is designed to look like an Irish pub, pool table included. Recreational equipment can be an incentive for teams to take a break and bond over a game of tennis table. Quiet napping pods are also popular in offices in the US and Japan, where long working hours are part of the job. 

Build a workplace canteen

The typical lunch break in the office consists of a sandwich consumed at the desk. Providing access to a workplace canteen that offers a range of healthy and nutritious options can be a game-changer. Employees can seize the opportunity to share a meal with co-workers, boosting team bonding and morale. Tech giants in the US have long introduced a nutrition-focused canteen area, supporting their employees’ health, productivity, and dietary requirements throughout the day. From Apple to Google, the canteen is a unique perk that has a positive influence on the company culture. Employees feel cared for and are therefore more likely to engage and support the company. 

Interior workplace decor and design can support employee engagement. Indeed, strategic design decisions can provide a creative boost, an emotional connection, a team bonding exercise, and even health benefits to the team. 


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