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Cleaning Businesses

Why Traders Are Setting Up Cleaning Businesses

Traders and contractors are looking for new opportunities, especially since the COVID crisis hit in 2020. They want to take more control of their lives, set up their own businesses and decide when they work. 

As such, professional cleaning businesses are taking off. People with the relevant skills and equipment are investing in companies that help other brands and private homeowners keep their premises safe and disease free. 

There are all kinds of reasons why people are choosing to start their cleaning businesses en masse. These include: 

  • The freedom to choose when they work
  • The difference that it makes in other people’s lives
  • The real impact that it has on disease mitigation
  • The feeling of satisfaction from having done a good job
  • The ability to continually expand and build a brand
  • The ability to raise incomes

Before you begin a cleaning business, though, you’ll need to put the right strategy in place. Here’s what to do:

Decide On Your Target Area

The first task is to decide where you will offer cleaning services. Cleaning businesses rarely operate nationally. Instead, they provide services to customers locally and then expand from there. 

Your service area should reflect both time and distance. For instance, it might not be far in terms of distance from one side of a city to another, but it could be a long way in terms of time. 

Set Your Prices

The next step is to figure out how much you’re going to charge. Prices tend to vary across regions, so you’ll want to choose a figure that makes you competitive. Only charge more than the market rate if you offer some additional value to customers. For instance, if you specifically clean up after renovations or building work, you may be able to command higher fees. 

Get The Equipment That You Need

Purchasing the right equipment for your business is essential. You need to convince customers that you have the tools required to ensure that you leave their premises spotless. 

Investing in a Tennant floor scrubber, for instance, is a great idea if you envision cleaning concrete. Similarly, buying electrolysed spray machines is a good option for any brand offering sanitization options. 

Market Your Business

The next step is to market your business so that people know where to find you. You can do this in a variety of ways, including on paid ads, Google, networking and social media. 

During marketing, you’ll want to focus on things that set your cleaning business apart from every other. Include details on your team, the equipment you use, and your general attitude towards your work. 

Purchase Supplies

Once you start marketing, you’ll need to be ready to go. The final step is to purchase all the supplies that you will likely need. This might include cleaning rags, fluids, soaps, window cleaner, dust rags, paper towers, disinfectant wipes and so on. 

You will also need a reliable mode of transport to take you to the job site. A simple branded or wrapped car should do the trick. 



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