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Shine A Spotlight On Your Business And Get Found More Often

How hard are you working for the customers that you convert? How hard do you really have to work? If you’re spending all of your marketing budget and time on reaching out through advertising and trying to reach out to customers constantly, you might not be doing it the most efficient way. Sometimes, shining a spotlight on your business and encouraging your audience to pay close attention can be the most effective strategy, instead. Here are a few ways that you might be able to do that.

A professional website really can make all the difference

If your website is looking out of date and unprofessional, then that can be even worse than not having a website at all. You should make sure that you take the time to either make a modern-looking website with one of the high-quality website builders out there, or you should hire someone who can do it for you. It’s not just about having a modern aesthetic, either. You need to make sure that your site is responsive to mobile devices, that it has effective navigation, and that it loads quickly, and so on. Otherwise, visitors are going to be bouncing off of your website just as quickly as they find it.

Invest time and energy into social media

Unless you have the money to outsource your social media management entirely, you should be spending at least a little time every day scheduling posts to go out. Furthermore, you should use social media management tools to track your mentions and replies so that you can directly engage with the people who are either talking to or about your business. Social proof is one of the strongest indicators of brand success that there is, and you can foster it simply by being involved in the conversation a little more often.

Use local search engine optimization to your advantage

If you’re talking about reaching a local community in particular, then you should make sure that your website is speaking directly to those locals. Local search engine optimization, or local SEO, helps your site more effectively target people using search engines, especially Google, in your local area. Some of the other tactics mentioned here can help your local SEO, but mostly it’s about using local keywords, creating content that is specific to local areas on your site, and setting up a Google My Business profile that also lists your business’s location. From there, Google will encourage more local traffic towards your business when they’re searching for the relevant products or services.

Get your business’s name listed where it should be

Google My Business is just one example of a service that you can use to give your business a platform for those who are going to specifically look for it. You can also use a business listing site, which will not only help your business be found by those looking directly for it but also makes it more likely to show up in relevant search engine results pages. It’s especially helpful for those businesses that do not have much of a platform of their own, just yet, as it allows you to make use of a platform that is already more established and already being used by the types of customers that you want to appeal to.

Publish content that people want to read

You want to make sure that people have multiple reasons to find your business. They shouldn’t just find it because they need or want your products or services, they should find it because you’re providing insight, information, and tips that they might need. Content marketing has become a huge part of how businesses reach customers because the internet is primarily content-driven. If you can produce content that is informative, helpful, instructive, or otherwise brings some value to your readers, that can get you visitors. You just want to make sure that the readers you are targeting are also likely to be the customers that convert and help you make a profit in the business.

Never underestimate word-of-mouth

The reputation that your business develops can either save it or sink it. Obviously, you want the former to happen, so you should work to make it happen. This is done, in part, by providing excellent customer service and making sure that your audience is as best satisfied with your products and services as possible. However, you can also incentivize it. Even simply asking customers to leave reviews can get some of them to spread positive word of mouth. Otherwise, there are ways to incentivize it, like running a referral program that encourages them to share links or offers with their friends in return for a discount or other valuable returns. It not only gets them to help bring in new customers, but it fosters a positive relationship that is more likely to get them back, too, increase their customer lifetime value.

Find opportunities to get some PR

If you can get your business in the news, so long as it’s not for negative press, then you’re likely to get some new customers or at least some visibility and interest from it. There are various opportunities to get PR for your business. The easiest way is to do a launch campaign, whether it’s a launch of a business, a brand, a product, service, or otherwise. Other opportunities to get into some news cycles is to grow or expand the business and hit new milestones, to get awards and accolades, or even to publish content such as surveys, case studies, and white papers that have implications beyond your own business. You need to build up a strong relationship with relevant publications to make the best use out of these opportunities, too.

The more that you can encourage customers to come and find you, the less that you need to worry about going out to find them. Of course, advertising and direct marketing will always be the most effective strategy for short-term conversions and attention, but you should be combining it with the long-term approach above, as well.



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