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Legal Recruits

4 Ways To Make Sure You Find the Right Talent for Your Legal Business

Hiring new staff is never easy, and whether you are launching a business or expanding a business, you need to find the right talent. The right talent is not necessarily to do with experience, but in the legal industry, where there’s a lot more talent than there are roles, you’ve got to consider a wide variety of components. So let’s show you what it takes to hire the right legal candidates.

Have Clarity on How You Will Recruit

Many people focus on in-house recruitment, yet others outsource it. Many firms will externally post opportunities through their own websites. There are many examples of this, such as Origin Legal that has a list of corporate solicitor jobs but it is a very solid lesson in how you will recruit. Having a clear process ensures that every party will know where they stand, so the firm can respond to candidates quickly. 

Putting Forward Your Brand

When you are hiring the right person, you have got to treat potential employees like clients. You need to show them what is great about working with you, and show potential employees that your firm is a brilliant place to work. It is vital that you put your best foot forward when it comes to your brand, as this will make a significant difference in being able to find someone who is the right fit for you. 

Getting the Process Correct

There are a number of mistakes businesses make when they are hiring. And legal firms can find themselves going through the process incorrectly, and even from a legal perspective, it’s especially prudent for law firms to ensure they are going to the hiring process correctly. Therefore, you need to make sure the person doing the hiring has a keen eye for detail. This means you won’t find yourselves in hot water further down the line due to accusations of a lack of due diligence or even discrimination. In order to do this correctly, if you are using a recruitment agency, you need to be sure that the agency is not going to make errors. This will only prolong the hiring process, and it could have been avoided if you had already vetted the recruitment agency.

Be Transparent

It is so vital for you to be transparent throughout the process. It’s not just about hiring the right talent, but it is about keeping the talent. Therefore, you need to be upfront about everything, such as the salary, but also the culture, and the expectations you have of the individual. Because any unexpected surprises could cause problems and put people off applying for your firm. Or, even worse, you could find people leaving the company as soon as they’ve joined. 

Hiring the right person is crucial in any organisation, but especially so in the legal profession. Recruitment is not easy, but it’s important to streamline and simplify this process so you can find the right person as soon as possible, giving your firm the boost it needs to thrive.



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