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Being An Entrepreneur

3 Reasons to Not Talk Yourself Out Of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Many people love the idea of becoming entrepreneurs, but end up consistently managing to talk themselves out of ever actually taking action and pursuing those dreams.

Typically, there will be a set list of different excuses that will be made and recycled time and time again. “I don’t have enough experience yet,” “the market is too crowded,” “the time isn’t right just yet,” and so on.

Ultimately, though, this kind of procrastination and continual self-undermining is only likely to put you in a position where you never end up doing very much at all – because there is always some plausible sounding reason you can use as an excuse.

Here are just a few reasons not to talk yourself out of becoming an entrepreneur.

Because you will never get a real sense of how things will play out, until you get started

Whenever we talk ourselves out of doing things that we would like to do, there will typically be a bunch of reasons bouncing around in our minds, in addition to mental projections and imagined scenarios. 

When push comes to shove, however, it’s important to realise that our own thoughts about things can often be very mistaken, especially when those thoughts are significantly motivated by fear or self doubt.

As we go through day-to-day life, we all naturally end up making various assumptions about things, and developing certain concepts of how things work, that we end up relying on.

Ultimately, though, we only ever get a real sense of how things will actually play out, through direct experience.

Sometimes – such as for things like taking steps to become an entrepreneur – you will tend to find that the reality of the situation ends up being significantly different from the version of the situation you had constructed in your mind.

Because there are an immense number of different opportunities for innovation and for exploring possibilities

In today’s world, especially, there are a more or less unlimited number of different opportunities out there for innovation and for exploring a number of different possibilities. Avocet Battery Materials, for example, are a company who are providing a service for a European market that would typically have to otherwise depend on Asian companies.

Part of what this means is that if one particular attempt or endeavour doesn’t end up working for you in the way you would like, there are all sorts of other things you can do, and other ways you can tweak your entrepreneurial venture, in order to improve the odds that you will be successful down the line.

To a significant extent, entrepreneurial success rests on the foundations of tenacity, persistence, and the willingness to continually try new things.

Because even if your first business venture isn’t a success, you’re bound to learn a lot, and to become more well-rounded as a result

Even if the first business venture you create doesn’t end up being a “success” – and most don’t – you can be sure that the endeavour will nonetheless end up teaching you a lot, and will end up making you much more well-rounded and insightful.

Not only that, but pursuing an entrepreneurial venture can leave you with experience that can significantly improve your chances of success in future, while simultaneously revealing all sorts of opportunities that you hadn’t been aware of before.



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